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In this critical time of the Coronavirus pandemic, every business firm should implement innovative brain hacking techniques with CRM integration to improve the focus of the employees for generating enhanced customer service. CRM hacks help digital marketers not only with enhanced sales revenues but also generate data sets into comprehensible reports. This software automatically directs the business to create and induct better strategies to engage potential customers for increased conversions.

Mental Hacks to Improve Focus and Productivity

Generate Precise Records

The CRM application boosts the productivity of the businesses by generating exact records, which helps digital marketers to easily identify and classify these lists according to certain customized benchmarks. These records can be of several types such as a list of most demanding clients, records of advertising campaigns, or lists of buyers in some specific regional location. So, the CRM software generates these records through unique custom filters, which can be saved in the system. Besides, these lists can be viewed and modified at any moment as per requirements.

Segregate Data with Keywords

To improve productivity and distinguish the correct information in lesser time, CRM application automatically tags these lists with specific but product-related keywords, thereby easing up the search process. Now, if the digital marketer wants to get all the details of the potential leads from a particular campaign to generate a similar type of advertising campaign next month, he will be aided with the synchronized records maintained by the CRM. Thus, with the support of the CRM software, employees document the details of all records from the previous marketing campaigns, thereby rendering the digital marketers to easily ascertain the exact target audiences, while creating precise campaigns accordingly.

Decide the Product Rates with Related Catalogs

The CRM software application contains lists of different catalogs containing price ranges for all the products or services available on the website. So, the marketers sell these products at a different price range to different buyers, as diverse customer groups are inclined to pay separate prices for the same product. This depends on the diversified region they reside, and the date of purchase. Likewise in a region, if there are fewer or no competitors, the website’s product may be sold for a higher price range. Moreover, there should be a separate price list for regional and international buyers, and also for wholesale dealers. Thus CRM offers all the specific price-lists for respective markets and buyers, which help to provide more sales revenue for the organizations, as segmented target buyers can be acquired at the right price.

Forward the Right Emails At the Exact Time

Again, the CRM system is in-built with auto-responders, which sends automatic messages to all incoming emails. This unique hack focuses on the enhancement of CRMs performance. Now, marketers may like to generate different email marketing campaigns for a separate group of target audiences. Likewise, he may offer discounts to the incoming potential customers who have clicked on the product link on the website, or he wants to send lead fostering email to bouncing visitors who did not click any link. Here, comes the importance of auto-responders, which assures the marketers to send the right email message to the right clients at the right time.

Additionally, the CRM software has a unique payment scheduling structure that monitors the accounts receivable bills and directs the system for payments. Therefore, any payments effected by the potential customers are utilized against their debt bills. Besides, these payments also clarify, if there is any outstanding amount to be paid by the specific client.

These different innovative CRM productivity hacks will improve the focus of the digital marketers to bolster the productivity of the website, even in these tough times of lockdown.

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