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CRM Software organizes communication with your clients, it allows for scalable solicitations via email, it tracks and records contact history, Soffront is unique in that it combines your Contact Database and managment i.e. traditional CRM functions with a robust Email Marketing platform. Striking two birds with one stone type of situation.

CRM Solutions are plentiful, back in 1992 when Soffront was first established CRM was not a household acronym. We’ve seen a lot of changes since then, went through about 4 revolutions in hosting technology, until today Soffront CRM is hosted on Amazon cloud providing 99.9% uptime and security. But many other CRM companies are on Amazon’s cloud too. What’s the differentiation between us and them? Well the answer is more subtle then you might think. The final analysis is that actually using your CRM & Email Marketing platform is much more important then the specific feature differences between competing products.

adoption survey

Soffront is very feature rich, with multiple built in tools that our competitors do not have, but in the end it boils down to this, Does the salesperson find a personal ROI/ROT (return on time) by using your system? And if they don’t then all the poking and prodding in the world won’t matter. If your CRM software solution comes with a lot of friction, then we recommend you trial us out.


You’ll love our tab based architecture:

Touch CampaignIt’s by far the easiest platform to set up Touch aka Drip email campaigns.


You’ll love our reporting features, giving you in depth insight into your business processes:

crm reports and forecasts screen

Touch Campaign Report



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