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It seems like email marketing is here is stay even after years of predictions that it will fade away. Well, it hasn’t. That day has not yet arrived, and email marketing still remains the most effective ways to generate leads and reach out to the prospective and existing customers.

However, many digital marketers are still going horribly wrong at their email marketing campaigns. There have been instances where you have sent email to the clients only to get no responses. Did they open your email? Did they just open it to delete it? Clearly, you do not even know where the email campaigning is going wrong.

We all have received emails and immediately either deleted it or marked it as spam. In short, we have simply ignored it. Is it what happens to your emails as well? You need to determine the reason for, which your email campaign is failing to grab the attention of your target audience. The subject lines of your email campaigns perhaps are not calling out to the audience to “Open Me” or the call to action is not screaming right away, “Click Me”.

We believe that email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool you must directly reach out to the customers if you are not spamming the subscriber list heartlessly.

So, if you are on board to strengthen client relationships and make the prospects reach out to you, let’s focus on improving your email marketing efforts.

It is critical to determine what you are trying to accomplish through the email campaigns. This is necessarily important to, plan the message structure and strategy accordingly.

Build A Subscriber List

Even if you have already got a long list of emails for prospects and clients, you must not stop adding to it. Especially, when it is not that hard as it sounds. Make sure, your subscriber list is always growing even if, passively. Add a signup feature on your website.

The subscription forms should be used anywhere possible like the home page, blog page or service page. It must fit in without taking away the important content.

Here is an idea, we think it is great to collect email subscribers right from the home page. Include a signup box that hovers around the page as follows the user as they scroll. This way it is impossible to miss the form and explains to the visitors the value of subscription without being annoying.

Email Marketing Conversations

Appeal To The Readers

Email marketing opens door to infinite opportunities and meaningful conversations. The best part is, you get to talk to real people who are interested in your business. You are wasting your time by just throwing information to your leads and clients. Instead, you should always focus on the following variables.

Engaging Subject Lines

Speak to the readers directly and assure them that your email stands out of the other clutter of emails in their inbox. The best way to approach this is by, automated solutions that personalize your emails that encourage the readers to read.

Distinctive And Entertaining Voice

Just because the reader has opened your mail does not mean that they will not delete it. Thus, what is the solution? Always assure that your emails have come from a real person who cares instead of some marketing robot.

Email Marketing Content

Targeted Content

Categorization of email lists according to the demographics of the reader makes it easier to send emails according to their interests and needs. This increases the chance of the reader to take up your offer, engage and even generate leads by passing it on to other clients.

The focus on these specific strategies will encourage the recipients to respond. This might mean, a simple click on the link in your email, which is a sure way to generate business.

A Personal Touch

Adding personal elements to your emails whenever possible is a great way to approach a recipient. Most email tools allow you with this feature where you can enter a shortcode that will be replaced by the recipient’s name once the emails are sent out.

This means you are necessarily not making your emails @noreply. You can also engage with a prospective client if you give a prompt response from the subscribers.

mobile friendly emails

Mobile Friendly Emails

What the first thing you do in the morning after you wake up? Reach for the phone! So do your subscribers and many other recipients. Reports show that 66% of emails are opened and viewed from tablets and smartphones. If your emails are not optimized for these mobile devices, you are potentially missing out on the edge of the competition.

Include A Call To Action And Interesting Links

One of the most important aims of email marketing is to increase traffic to a site and also sometimes to a specific landing page. No clicks on the emails mean no customers- it is that simple. What you got to do is include visually striking texts and buttons that will encourage the readers and give them the opportunity to interact.

Begin Your Email Marketing

We at Soffront understand the needs of various business and have solutions from our team of experts that are customized.

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