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Interview with Veteran Salesperson Mike Chantigian


Do you use CRM?

I live in CRM. It fully enables me to be both succesful and efficient. I’m consintly editing my contact base and no account is left with an open task.

Why do you use CRM? 

To provide excellent response and detailed solutions.

How many people can you contact and organize without CRM?

I would say 1/3 of the people I can contact with CRM.

Why the difference?

Because of the systems logic and protocol, clicks, built in enhancers such as templates. This enables speed to be introduced into account management. It’s a mulitaskers dream.

What CRM’s do you have experience using?

3, SAP, Oracle and Soffront

What CRM are you using currently and how long did it take you to learn?

Soffront, it’s by far the best, took me about a week to be expert at.

What’s your favorite?

Less clicks, tab architecture – meaning you don’t have to close windows out, and I got to throw in there email marketing, it’s an all in one platform where traditionally you just get sales and service. Also something really important to sales reps is you can measure your sales data instantly, activity, goals and upcoming opportunities are there at your fingertips.




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