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Email Marketing Stats & Infographics:


What follows is a list of ten helpful email marketing Infographics from various sources that provide tips, tricks and best practices for success:


Email Marketing Best Practices 2014: Did you know that 69% of retail businesses on average are utilizing some type of email marketing strategy to great effect?


10 Easy Ways to Improve Email Open Rates: Did you know that the ROI for email marketing is potentially $44.25 for every dollar spent?


Strong Signals – Mobile Email Marketing: Did you know that over half of all people check their mobile phone for email at least once every day?


Top Email Irritations: Did you know that there were over 3.6 billion email accounts in 2013?


Email Marketing Cheat Sheet: You can dramatically improve your email open rates by running through just a quick checklist in your head before you send.


Myths of Email Marketing: One of the top myths is that the best time to send an email is at 3:00PM on Thursday.


The Best Day to Send an Email: Did you know that 2013 email marketing averages saw only an 18.5% open rate?


All That Sizzles is Not SPAM: One of the best ways to increase email open rates is with opt-in programs.


Best and Worst Times to Send Emails: Did you know that email open rates dramatically reduce after 5:00PM local time?


Awe Inspiring Business Advantages of Video Email: Did you know that you can see a 280% higher return with video email?

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