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BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor revealed contrast SMB (small medium business) owners vs their franchise owner counter parts in a survey this past May.

Franchise Owners Lead in focus on CRM, digital and online media, customer loyalty programs and all around online presence.

In BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor released in May, it was revealed that franchise owners are much more focused on integrating marketing, promotion, and infrastructure. 

As Rick Batchelor states in the IFA (International Franchise Association) Forum…

“Franchise owners are clearly taking the lead in their use of strategic marketing initiatives. Couple their use of advertising strategies, CRM systems, and loyalty programs with their commitment to the corporate parent, and it’s clear franchise owners are doing an excellent job of managing and growing their businesses.”


It is well known that Franchisors have established processes that their franchisees repeat and that is likely the major reason franchisors have a more modern focus. For just this reason Soffront has released a Franchise specific version of it’s CRM & Marketing Automation platform. Soffront’s CRM allows Franchisors to peer into the franchisee CRM and coordinate marketing, even do the email marketing on behalf of the franchisee, as well as pull up data such as sales and conversion reports.

Tying a closer bind in the Franchise relationship allows for several benefits from both perspectives.

Franchisor Benefits  

– Leverage CRM & Marketing

– Push Leads, Templates, Process

– Push Training, Collaterals

– Pull Business Intelligence

Franchisee Benefits  

– Leverage CRM & Marketing

– Receive Leads, Templates, Process

– Receive Training, Collaterals

– Manage Tasks, Activities, Projects




Whether your a SMB or Franchise owner Soffront can help you improve your processes.




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