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Salesforce is the CRM industry giant, but does that mean they are always the Best Choice?
We find many of our customers who have used Salesforce in the past have often overpaid for features they weren’t even using.CRM & Email Marketing are essential business tools for success of any small business. That’s why we’re happy to see any businesses solve their needs of contact management, customer service, email marketing, social media publishing, and lead management. But why make business more complex then it has to be?
Soffront is the ONE TOOL which gives you excellent capability in
CRM + Sales Automation + Email & Social Marketing + Customer Service

Soffronts Most well liked features…

Intuitive and Simple design

3 screens are all you need

Custom Workflows

Multiple Task Capable


Typical Salesforce CRM Complaints…

Overly Complex

Extensive Training Necessary

Too Costly

Too Time Consuming




Some typical feelings about the CRM industry giant…


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