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As far as franchise build-up is concerned, the time-honored axiom that says “good help is hard to find” assumes a state of crucial magnitude. When you hire a bad employee and cause enough annoyance, you go one step farther and pick the wrong person up to speak for your brand and invite more nightmares.

Franchise lead management tools are developed to lend a hand to brand owners in conceiving more astute candidate choosing decisions.

Read on to learn the modus-operandi –or leave out the preamble.

An early evaluation of lead coachability

In this ubiquitous franchise world, the aspect of coachability is vital. However, note that the propensity to commit more application errors can’t be contemplated as dependable indices to measure coachability. Surprisingly, a lot of submissions made from non-coachable individuals are found to be perfect and meeting ultimate standards of excellence. So how can early candidate coachability be gauged and assessed prior to signing off the franchise agreement?

Take to coaching and mentoring them. Is it that simple?

In case you wish to ascertain if a prospective candidate is, at all, keen on following your instructions when, as a franchisee, it brings your brand into the open, direct them to abide by the instructions. When this is correctly accomplished, the coachability test helps progress the lead from end-to-end of the sales process. It offers the prospects purposeful and appropriate information with reference to your opportunity as the franchise owner.

Some of the pioneering forms of lead management CRM Software tools help fabricate organic and winning options to make candidates partake in this coachability test and render you profound insights about their task performing potentials.

To start with, every franchise holder can engage in the creation of customized digital documents that serve the purpose to provide your leads with preliminary training courses. Suffuse these brochures and questionnaire documents with pertinent information to facilitate heightened conversions. These materials include FAQs and videos dealing with sales, territories, royalties and investment choices. Moreover, the brochures have integrated to-do lists to guide and assign leads with tasks to go through PowerPoint presentations as a morsel of your coachability test. Once your lead accedes to view the PowerPoint, you can make use of the analytics at the back-end to monitor their progress through document reading and appraise their coachability.

Surely, you would like to know to what extent they fulfilled their commitments. Did they invest enough time to study each page of the document carefully or simply skim through it a few minutes prior to your next call?

By and large, this lead management CRM Software tool helps you gain an understanding of a candidate’s ability to adhere to the instructions. It also helps furnish an elbow-room to make them assimilate your unique selling points – of course; this is just one tactic to make smarter decisions while selecting candidates.

Efficient management of multiple leads

Often, franchisors are bound to pay separate attention to a multitude of leads which complicates the process to maintain the facts in line and order and extend every relationship the mindfulness it deserves.

Most well-organized franchise owners and their constituent teams prioritize the lead management functionality with aplomb and efficacy at all stages of the conversion mechanism.

You can attempt triggering and sending out “welcome” emails in a bid to automate the elementary stages of lead generation. The prime intent is to allow candidates to register into the system effortlessly. Once this takes effect, an instant alert is conveyed to the franchisor. This enables the franchisor to define and fill up a 360-degree lead profile. It includes their contact details, information about the date of inquiry, the source of referral, dispensable cash to invest, net worth, estimated month of closure and many more. The design of such profiles is based on an effortless parsing into syntactic components and at-a-glimpse reference. In this way, you can give your representatives the latest information. In addition, you can disseminate specific messages that fit definite criteria to your leads’ groups. The tool offers an advantage to the franchisor in reaching out to leads any time either through text messaging or email facility available in the same app. Consequently, the lead can analyze the resources furnished in the preamble mail during the time that they wait.

Most ultra-modern franchise lead management CRM Software tools remove the complexities by logging of every phone communication, SMS and email. Once the lead activation is culminated, the franchisor can track their progress by resorting to the sales-cycle-specific tools.

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