What is in Your Help Section?

aaaThere is nothing more irritating then when you get stuck on something. You try what seems like 20 different things, and nothing works. You want to start pulling your hair out and banging on the desk. You try and the help menu, but you discover that the help center isn’t all that helpful. Have you ever looked at the help window in any Microsoft product? It’s incredibly unhelpful! What are they talking about? I know I’m reading English because I recognize the words. However, the formation of the words means absolutely nothing to me. It’s either that or the topics in the help center have nothing to do with your problem.

We here at Soffront pride ourselves in making sure you have all the information that is needed to make any project possible. There is a very comprehensive self-help center. We have documentation on almost any feature you can think of. We also have videos on just about anything you could ask for.


There are some really short ones that can show you something as small as previewing a sales template:


Or maybe you need something to show you how to access your campaign results:


Or maybe you need a walkthrough on how do something more in depth, like how to setup a workflow:

We’re even working on getting some animations in for some of the simpler tasks to save you even more time. We want out help center to be, well, helpful. It’s crazy, right? I hope you’ve found this blog… helpful.

Image source: CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What TV Show is Your CRM Like?

Let’s have some fun. Tell me! What TV show is your CRM like? Is it like Jeopardy where you know the answer but can’t think of it before the buzzer? How about Wheel of Fortune where all you need is one more letter? Can it be like the Miss America pageant where you are all dressed up but nowhere to go?

I digress. Why purchase something that cause you to be so hard to configure that you need to apply the Big Bang Theory? Does your CRM install new features as you need them or are you watching another episode on the History Channel? One I hear often is that “my CRM makes my business look like something from theSimpsons“. Please tell me that you are not like Two Broke Girls after purchasing it and afterwards you feel Lost.

Here is the channel you want turn to. It’s called the Soffront Series Channel. Soffront is easy to configure and includes high quality templates you can send to your customers. They are always updating their software to include new features and The Price is Right! Shown on Bravo!

A CRM Will Make Your Wish into a Fulfilled Dream

Every dream fulfilled begins with a simple wish. You wouldn’t have a business right now if you didn’t wish on it and dream about it. You wouldn’t have customers without a business. You felt the need to act to make your dream a reality, to fill that empty void.

Do you remember when the Smart phones busted on the scene? Were you one of the ones like me who said, “I don’t need all of those bells and whistles. I just want a phone in case of an emergency.”

Same rules apply. Your business cannot thrive without a CRM. The one who made their wish a dream and a dream a reality will not be satisfied with mediocrity. Your business needs tools. You are not devoting your energies in the right places if all you do is “run your business.” Yes, my car runs fine on 87 octane. But it runs really good on 91 octane.

Now let’s get to the, “See, I told you so!” How many different ways do you use your Smart phone? I bet you text, check e-mail, use GPS, and use several apps. Same thing applies for a CRM. Once you try Soffront CRM you won’t go without one. That is why we have a free trial. Use it. Take advantage of it. Why do we offer a free trial? Because we know that you like to play games and take pictures on your Smart phone.

Take advantage of the free trial. If you don’t say, “Wow, I can’t live without it, I will personally drive to wherever you are and give you your money back.

Yo! Reputation, Hug your CRM!




And you thought your reputation was covered with that Jerry Garcia tie or that new Coach purse….Sorry…not here, not now, not ever.

All of the CRM’s that I have worked with do not have a custom field called, “Designer Shoes worn?” or “What kind of car driven?”

CRMs do not care about your Reputation, or do they? Does it matter if you drive the Rolls-Royce of CRMs but are not getting a positive ROI? Is it that important at cocktail napkin time that you can say that your CRM is like your Armani jacket but has the functionality of a crowbar?

So what’s in your Rep? Having a fully functional CRM that returns a positive ROI and is adopted easily company-wide is how your Reputation gets built. Closing more deals by utilizing the features in your CRM is what allows you to stand alone. A wise sports fan once told me, “the uniform doesn’t make the player, but the player makes the championship”

Choosing a CRM with a solid track record of easy adoption, positive return on ROI, and low overhead, is how your Reputation gets built.

Who knows, by utilizing your CRMs Reputation, you may be able to buy that Rolex you always wanted.
My two cents…