Email Marketing Cheatsheet

Email Marketing Cheatsheet

#1 Determine Sending Strategy: Broadcast, Nurture, or Autoreply

Broadcast =perfect for mass communication, use for direct sales focused on 1 topic only.

Nurture aka Drip email =perfect for feeding audience content which will keep your brand top of mind

Autoreply =perfect for initial lead capture direct sales opportunity. Offer your steepest sale at a time when your lead engagement is highest.

#2 Subject Line

50 characters of less = “This is an experience of a fifty character subject”. A study of 200 million emails conducted by a large email service provider found that subject lines with 29 to 38 characters had the highest click rates.

Avoid using all CAPS. Avoid using “Free” which hits spam filters.

Do use specific quantity values.  Do giveaways. Do offer special invites.

#3 Personalization  for 600% greater lift.

An Experian Email study in 2013 found that personalized promotional emails were shown to lift transaction rates and revenue per email six times higher than non-personalized emails. This is a breeze when your CRM & Email Marketing share the same database like Soffront Online CRM.

#4 Call to Action

Make it clear.  Put it above the fold. Put one in your signature line so you never forget & keep it short.

Your call to action doesn’t always have to be about direct sales, there are many ways to get value. Here are 7 example specific call to actions; Ask for Direct sale. Offer Discount. Membership program. Referral solicitation.  Social Share. Rebundled services. Limited time offer.

#5 Engagement Rules

If your email marketing platform has advanced capabilities, like Soffront Online CRM, then you can set up particular rules for your email marketing so that when a lead engages with a click they are automatically tagged and placed into a particular workflow stage. This is where it’s nice to have your CRM and Email marketing tie in together.

#6 Be Visual

Use free picture sites like or or another graphical search engine to make sure you always have a great looking image in your email.

Business Coaches Love Soffront. Part 1

Ron_Palzewicz_Video_Screenshot“Some of the benefits of Soffront…having all our information all in the same place in one database, we have 8 coaches and 7 support teams, and knowing who is talking to who at any one time, knowing where a lead is in the sales process, what email they clicked on,  just tracking that information  and  compiling it and using it to make us more efficient…”

-Ron Palzewicz ActionCoach

David-Gazave“We’ve been able to unify our tools together. I’ve experienced a lot of other CRM’s but for us Soffront is a great fit because of it’s simplicity”

-David Gazave ActionCoach

Brad-Flynn2“The email marketing capacity is incredible. It gives me great leverage in most of my marketing campaigns. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Soffront”

-Brad Flynn ActionCoach

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Best email stats from 2014

Email Marketing Stats & Infographics:


What follows is a list of ten helpful email marketing Infographics from various sources that provide tips, tricks and best practices for success:


Email Marketing Best Practices 2014: Did you know that 69% of retail businesses on average are utilizing some type of email marketing strategy to great effect?


10 Easy Ways to Improve Email Open Rates: Did you know that the ROI for email marketing is potentially $44.25 for every dollar spent?


Strong Signals – Mobile Email Marketing: Did you know that over half of all people check their mobile phone for email at least once every day?


Top Email Irritations: Did you know that there were over 3.6 billion email accounts in 2013?


Email Marketing Cheat Sheet: You can dramatically improve your email open rates by running through just a quick checklist in your head before you send.


Myths of Email Marketing: One of the top myths is that the best time to send an email is at 3:00PM on Thursday.


The Best Day to Send an Email: Did you know that 2013 email marketing averages saw only an 18.5% open rate?


All That Sizzles is Not SPAM: One of the best ways to increase email open rates is with opt-in programs.


Best and Worst Times to Send Emails: Did you know that email open rates dramatically reduce after 5:00PM local time?


Awe Inspiring Business Advantages of Video Email: Did you know that you can see a 280% higher return with video email?

Franchise VS SMB -CRM usage

BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor revealed contrast SMB (small medium business) owners vs their franchise owner counter parts in a survey this past May.

Franchise Owners Lead in focus on CRM, digital and online media, customer loyalty programs and all around online presence.

Home-Skyscraper-iconVS   shop-icon

In BIA/Kelsey’s Local Commerce Monitor released in May, it was revealed that franchise owners are much more focused on integrating marketing, promotion, and infrastructure. 

As Rick Batchelor states in the IFA (International Franchise Association) Forum…

“Franchise owners are clearly taking the lead in their use of strategic marketing initiatives. Couple their use of advertising strategies, CRM systems, and loyalty programs with their commitment to the corporate parent, and it’s clear franchise owners are doing an excellent job of managing and growing their businesses.”


It is well known that Franchisors have established processes that their franchisees repeat and that is likely the major reason franchisors have a more modern focus. For just this reason Soffront has released a Franchise specific version of it’s CRM & Marketing Automation platform. Soffront’s CRM allows Franchisors to peer into the franchisee CRM and coordinate marketing, even do the email marketing on behalf of the franchisee, as well as pull up data such as sales and conversion reports.

Tying a closer bind in the Franchise relationship allows for several benefits from both perspectives.

Franchisor Benefits  

- Leverage CRM & Marketing

- Push Leads, Templates, Process

- Push Training, Collaterals

- Pull Business Intelligence

Franchisee Benefits  

- Leverage CRM & Marketing

- Receive Leads, Templates, Process

- Receive Training, Collaterals

- Manage Tasks, Activities, Projects

soffront crm marketing push and pul



Whether your a SMB or Franchise owner Soffront can help you improve your processes.




What is the most important Marketing Adage?

Aren’t adages great? They fill up your facebook feed, barrage your inbox and litter practically every blog post (including this one).

An “Adage” is defined as

“a short, usually philosophical, but memorable saying which holds some important fact of experience that is considered true by many people, or that has gained some credibility through its long memetic use.

It often involves a planning failure such as “don’t count your chickens before they hatch” or “don’t burn your bridges”. Adages may be interesting observations, practical or ethical guidelines, or skeptical comments on life.”

Some adages are products of folk wisdom, some are Marketing Goldmines of opportunity. But there’s too many; the 80-20 Rule, Pareto’s principle, Content is King, Bird in hand is worth two in the bush.


Easy! If revenue is important to you that is.

=80% of all sales come from the 5th or more attempt.

80 percent chart



So how do you ask for the sale 5 times without being annoying?

Good luck doing it on a phone call. Nope in person is not much better. Here’s a simple plan which won’t burn your bridges with your prospects. Let’s assume you are already using Soffront, the All in One CRM & Email Marketing Platform (now with social media publishing).

1. Initial Ask: Inbound interest, don’t waste too much time trying to disrupt your prospects, create inbound traffic to your website is a prerequisite, but once you have the traffic create some type of ‘bait’ or sometimes called, ‘lead magnet’ in order to capture prospects into your sales funnel. You should ask for the sale on your website right away, however you probably won’t see too much conversion until you gain a deeper relationship.

2. Ask immediately when the initial connection established. How? = Soffront Autoresponder. Set up your Soffront CRM software  to immediately mail out a thank you and solicitation in your first email to your new lead.

3. Develop a drip/touch email campaign to communicate with your list consistently but don’t worry about phone calling at all, rather set up Soffront Engagment rules to automatically notify you or your sales reps on the list members that actually clicked on a link, these folks deserve special treatment as they have expressed interest. Call these engaged leads up and solicit with a special discount.

4. Segment your audience (you can use Soffront workflow rules to do this) and solicit each segment according to what you’ve determined is most relevant to them. For instance if you send out email with 3 offers and upon engagement with one of the offers you tell your Soffront CRM software to segment that audience into a unique email campaign focused on their needs.

5. Last Blast, send out audience specific email offering huge discount or special incentive to buy now. By this time your audience has gotten used to your offers but the interested folks have gotten increasingly more targeted emails. When you have a special event focused on these leads they will listen because they are already engaged with your brand and considering using your services.






Nail it with Soffront’s Business Card Scanning App


Business Cards transcribed by hand with fast turnaround, even those handwritten contact notes can be transcribed

With Soffront’s app you can scan business cards. Contact info goes right into the Soffront CRM database. You can tag these incoming contacts with special rules including unique email marketing campaigns.

Soffront CRM all in one CRM Email Marketing / Sales Automation / Social Media Publishing / Business Card Scanner 

4 ways to increase your Email Marketing campaigns in 2015

Have that nagging feeling that you should be doing something productive with that prospect list which is too big for you to call directly? What new gimmick or technology or social app are you desperately missing out on that would solve all your marketing problems and blow up your sales funnel? What 2015 tactic is considered a best practice and only getting more useful?



marketing sherpa email benchmarking survey 2013


Tried and true. What’s new is old. What successful businesses have understood is that opposed to some new gimmick or tool the first marketing strategy a business should have is email marketing.


  • Inbound traffic on demand
  • You own it; You own your own list as opposed to have to rent or pay expensive ad companies to connect
  • Secondary sales opportunities; drive direct sales and credibility but when you’ve squeezed all you can from that then email marketing is the perfect venue to launch new campaigns.


Here are Four Strategies to up your Email Marketing game in 2015

1. List purchase (B2B) Make sure your email marketing platform supports list upload, many do not, Soffront does.

2. Auxiliary Sales aka the upsell, bundle current services and/or offer a discount to your customers.

3. Audience Partnership: connect with a blogger or noncompetitive business that already has a well established audience.

4. Convert your Email List to Social Network: gain more credibility by having a robust social network which presells your prospects. Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by 158%. If you need help with social sharing or selling ask your Soffront support team