5 Reasons Email Marketing Is Big in 2015

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  1. The customized targeted nature of email marketing messages will continue producing significant ROI. Mark the Marketer says “For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment” | source


  1. The personalized content of email marketing, through the application of custom niche key works, will matter more than ever. Companies will continue increasing the amount of dollars spend on CRM for email marketing. According to MarketingCharts “email marketing is the program for which the largest share (60.7%) of respondents plan budget increases…” | source


  1. Email marketing will continue to beat social media. Sales messages are more likely to be seen, opened, and responded to when communicated in email than when in displayed in social media. The Campaign Monitor puts it best, “Your message is 5 times as likely to be opened in email than in social media” | source


  1. Sales automation is $ka-ching$ in the bank. And will therefore continue to be ultra-important in email marketing campaign strategies. Per The Lenskold Group 78% of successful marketers attributed sales automation to improving revenue growth.


  1. As more emails are being opened in mobile devices, responsive marketing emails will become more important. Responsive emails can be opened in both desktop devices and mobile devices. Thus dynamic CRM tools, like ones offered by soffront.com enable responsive marketing emails designs.

Take me out to the ball game!

Yes, folks! It is that time of year. Popcorn, Peanuts, Cracker Jacks! The crack of the bat, the smell of freshly cut grass. Perfectly groomed foul lines. The batter’s box is well manicured. Seeing a baseball diamond before a game is a work of art. Many hours of labor go into making the stadium ready for the game; not only on the field but everywhere around it as well. Poetry in motion. Teamwork at its finest. For what? The answer is simple! A game. A contest where someone throws the ball, hits the ball, catches the ball and runs like crazy.

Nonetheless, whether you enjoy the game of baseball or not, everything is set before the gates open. Hot dogs are steaming, beer is cold, and the souvenir stands are packed with merchandise.

So now we are ready for the big game. We have our Custom Fields built. We have our data mapped and we have Imported. Our Templates are well designed waiting for the next Campaign. The Leads we have are carefully following our Workflow.

We have a well-oiled machine. We are ready for the big game. This is what you get when you come to Soffront Stadium. You get years of experience putting the best team on the field. You get our game face. You get a team ready for whatever is at stake. You get the World Series trophy. The ticker tape parade. The thrill of victory that comes from closing sale after sale after sale.

Top Ten Spam No-no’s

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Engaging in spam email marketing can flush your  money away. Watch out for these top ten notorious email marketing transgressions.

  1. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Alan Lakein

Email marketing is not any different. You need a start point and an end point, with a concrete objective and outline.

  1. Don’t spam.

Using spam will lead to no sales, ROI or brand recognition. The marketing email will just end up in the junk box. It is out dated and uber annoying.

  1. Spray email market is a no no.

Lack of application of custom niche words to the right consumer segment will lead to wasted resources as a function of low ROI. You don’t have to start from scratch, just segment your most prioritized prospect and send that segment a tailored message.

  1. No universal landing page.

The content of the landing page needs to be relevant to the recipient. How does the landing page relate to the recipient’s needs?

  1. Don’t forget to sanitize your list.

Use that great CRM tool you have to remove those who have unsubscribed, and the bounce backs.

  1. Less is more, more is less.

The more you put into the email content, the more you will create confusion, and therefore lesser return. Get to the point, and let them click.

  1. Do not mislead.

This is a surefire way of not achieving your objective. Say what you have, and give/display it.

  1. Don’t forget to recheck and test.

Is the content relevant, is the landing page current. Does the link work? Mistakes happen, be smart and minimize them.

  1. Don’t make it one dimensional.

The emails, contents and the landing pages must be dynamic i.e can be opened up at a desktop, tablet or mobile communication device.

  1. Don’t omit tracking the KPI.

This will help enormously in knowing where to improve, and where to apply your scarce resources.

Advertising Channels: What your peers are using…


As the survey results from the 2015 B2B Content Marketing Trends Chart shows Social Media Content and  eNewsletters are the top of the pack when it comes to media channel usage. The survey covered 14 media advertising channels in order of usage; Social Media Content, eNewsletters, Articles on your website, Blogs, In-person Events, Case Studies, Videos, Illustrations/Photos, White Papers, Online Presentations, Infographics, Webinars/Webcasts, Research Reports and Microsites.

Infographics as a tactic saw the biggest rise in usage (from 51 percent last year to 62 percent this year).

Another interesting fact was that 60% of B2B marketers with documented content marketing strategy say they are effective vs. 32% of those with a verbal strategy.