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Recent times have seen a dramatic rise in the digital sphere. cWith such changes, it is important for every business to understand the sheer implication of digital marketing automation. Here are the top 15 reasons why your business demands Digital marketing automation

  1. Considerable decline in the cost of manpower expenditure. Digital marketing accompanies a variety of platforms starting from social media to email, website and more. With each channel comes the demand for managing them. Digital marketing automation can perform a number of chores ranging from report keeping and lead tracking among others, saving a considerable amount of money on staffing.
  2. Efficient employees: With most of the laborious tasks being performed by digital marketing automation tools, marketers have enough time to develop better campaigns and growth ideas.
  3. Provides space for creative thinking: Again, with no brainer jobs like report building out from the basket, employees are able to think creatively and focus on better ideas.
  4. Returns are always better: The risk to rewards ration is much less. You are spending less in terms of manpower and gaining focused and continuous results.
  5. Formulating better campaign: Digital marketing automation provides a detailed narrative of each campaign you run through which you are able to device future plans including where your campaign will work the best and where it will not.
  6. It provides a clear picture for better decision making. Once every detail is laid out, it gets better for the team to make decisions.
  7. Long term benefits: The use of digital marketing automation provides benefits that live throughout, be it a quality lead generation or tracking a simple campaign.
  8. Effective communication with subscribers: You cannot be active all the time and responding to each and every comment, email or query of a subscriber; it can be mundane. Digital marketing automation provides instant solutions to problems like these.
  9. Less costly to buy and easier to maintain: With any digital marketing automation tool you pay a certain fee that is lower than what you would pay a staff member and you also get instant support service making it easier to maintain.
  10. The ability to use it from anywhere: digital automation allows users to work from anywhere, anytime. No third party or external staff needed, just a few clicks and you are in.
  11. Centralized data management: Digital marketing automation allows more streamlined management of data which enables the team to formulate and make use of it much faster.
  12. There is no time restriction: From accessing it anytime to adapting to it during any phase of your business, digital marketing automation is not bound by time.
  13. Easy to use: digital marketing automation tools as compared to other tools are easy to use and do not require expert training.
  14. Better targeting: Digital automation tools enable the marketer to formulate a much more targeted approach towards their potential leads.
  15. Better marketing – sales “handoffs”: With quality leads, sales affiliations become much smoother.
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