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Marketing automation tool assists in streamlining, standardizing, and automating marketing campaigns and related processes. Various automated functionalities are applied to foster the potential leads, boost the prospective customers, and motivate to synchronize the entire business process for optimizing the sales revenue. This automated software saves precious time for the staff by mitigating the regular time spent to link and engage a potential lead.

Metrics to Determine the Effectiveness of Marketing Automation

Activity Metrics

At the time of the first induction of the marketing automation system for your business, you should also monitor a few vital activity benchmarks. Though automated marketing techniques are cost-effective resources boosting optimal revenue, it is of no use if the software is not optimized and applied as per the marketing campaigns. Thus, to achieve the optimal ROI, by using the suitable marketing automation tool, two criteria mentioned below are to be considered.

Quantity of Emails Sent

The number of emails to be sent for the most optimized marketing campaign depends on apprehending the customer’s requirements, and act accordingly. Thus, only the relevant emails will boost the relationship with prospective clients, while there is no need to increase the number of emails just for the sake of attracting the customer.

Framework for Standard Interactive Stimulants

The marketers should maintain a proper framework highlighting the standard stimulants to send emails across to potential customers. Thus, the marketing automation tool should point out the motivations to direct emails for campaigns, which should undoubtedly depend on the online behavior and activities of the potential leads or customers.

Response Metrics

This benchmark offers the marketers’ insight on whether the marketing automation tool is as effective for your target audience as it seems. This metric consists of some important criteria to highlight that marketing automation is optimized for an effective business outcome following the needs and interests of potential clients.

Open and Click-Through Rate

This criterion is vital as it portrays that the directed emails are properly created, starting with the subject line, to the relevant body matter, and also the specific offers provided to the target customers. Now, if the marketers are confused with lesser open or click-through rates, they should resolve the issue with A/B testing on the email correspondences.

Inbound Customers for Website

Marketers should check the inbound traffic sources, to find out the excess traffic or customers who can be engaged by the emails sent for driving conversions.


As a marketer, the major focus is to justify, whether the potential leads are reconverted from the specific offers directed to the target clients from these automated emails. However, if the leads are not reconverted, the marketers can change the trigger points and modify the content structure.

Thus, the marketers can apply these simple yardsticks through the unique marketing automation tool supported with exclusive modifications to optimize conversions better and enhance the business outcome.

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