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A common myth around digital marketing is that it is only for big brands and established businesses. Digital marketing is required by every business irrespective of its size of the industry it belongs. And, it is necessarily not difficult for small businesses to sign up for digital marketing and grow their business exponentially. Most of the times, the companies think that it takes up too much time and money to achieve the goals. They are also right sometimes. However, the result driven digital marketing services have made everything so easy.

The companies new to digital marketing was trying to do all at once and get the results. But, digital marketing is no magic! Doing the right thing at the right time depending on the phase of your business, will bring results. Digital marketing as a whole is a broad category encompassing numerous activities that small business can use for their business. All they need to do is find the most important digital marketing tips to work for them on specific strategizes and capitalize accordingly.

At Soffront, our goal is to simplify the confusion and myths surrounding the digital marketing services and how small businesses can profit from it.

So, let’s get started…..

1. A Simple Website

A website for business is like the face or identity in the digital world. It serves as a marketing brochure for the brand and business you are promoting. But, that does not mean that a website needs to be complicated. It is just the opposite of that!

A website is considered modern when it is comprehensive and simple to browse for the visitors on your page. It must be easy for them to find information on your website, they need before making a contact.

If you are worried about designing or creating a website, then, there are lots of results-

driven digital marketing services who will build a website for you. This is just the beginning as you have to do some homework as well to make sure you know what you want. The best tip we would like to give you for designing a website is- keep it simple. Keeping the website simple will also make it user-friendly.

Keeping a website simple has many advantages for the business, for example,

• Good user experience
• Easy website management and upkeep
• Good for SEO (search engine optimization)

Few of the basic things, a website must include to keep it simple are as follows,

• Homepage
• Respective service pages (here you can include, pictures, videos- if applicable)
• About Us
• Contact Us
• Blog

These are the basic segments of a website. But, other than this, you can add further sections depending on your business like,

• FAQ Page
• Reviews, Testimonials and Success Stories

For images: It is important for the company to use images from real services and projects instead of stock images. This will be a great way for the business to show their creative side that can create an impact.

For copy: Hire a copywriter and use content that is original for your website. The writer must have the knowledge of SEO and keep that in mind while writing the copies. You will get these help if you hire local digital marketing services.

2. Reviews On Products And Services

In case you do not know yet- your customers are your biggest investment. So make sure, they are happy. Happy customers will provide positive reviews which are important for the reputation of your company, online.

On reviews are the biggest aspect by, which customers and clients judge your company. According to a recent study, “92% of B2B buyers are more likely to purchase after reading a trusted review” (G2 Crowd). However, there will be both positive and negative reviews when a business is operating online. The biggest strategy is to know how to handle them. This can be the deciding factor for the customers when they are looking to hire a service or buy a product.

Thus, it is always a good practice to reply on every review whether good or bad. This would show that you are human. It is more important, for local or small businesses even for local digital marketing services to show that they care for the customers.

A. How to reply to a positive review?

• If you get a positive review, say thank you. It shows the customer that their feedback is important to you and that you care.

B. How to reply to a negative review?

• If it is a negative review, do not just stop at the explanation as to why the experience was bad. Go beyond that, and give the contact number of the concerned person, so that the executive can learn more about the experience. This is a great strategy to change someone’s opinion after a not-so-great experience.

Apart from just establishing a bond with the customers, reviews also work well for SEO and the ability to get a better rank for your company or website improves.

3. Socialize On Social Media

Social media platforms are must for businesses of any size. To do so, you can start by hiring local digital marketing services. And, even if you do not do so, start by creating a company page, fill it up with all the necessary details and use it regularly. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are powerful marketing tools.

They are great sites to promote your business and services. Post original contents like videos and blogs. When you use them correctly, you will be able to engage your audience and find your niche market and grow the followers. Social media signals have a considerable impact on SEO too. This takes us to point number 4……

4. Registration On Business Listing Sites

Business listing is another important aspect of your online business. Some business listing sites might already have created a generic page for your business. So, it is a good idea to go through the primary local and small business listing sites to see the confirmations. Once you have identified the sites with your business profile, simple request to take ownership or “claim” the page. Once, it is done, update it with all the important and valid information. Here are a few sites, you can check,

  • Google

  • Yelp

  • Bing

  • CitySearch

  • Yahoo

There are also others available if you wish to register your business there. After updating with accurate data, include current photos if possible. You can start using these listings to your benefit.

5. Be Precise With Email Marketing

Just about everyone uses an email nowadays. Thus, it is a powerful tool for the businesses who wish to connect with their customers via email. It is also one way to market your services and products to the quality audience.

People who are signing up for your emails are actually asking you to communicate with them. Do that, by highlighting :

• any special services,
• deals you have in offer
• monthly update on what you are up to
• important information

One of the easy way to let your subscribers increase is to make it attractive by keeping it short and precise. If email marketing is used correctly, it can be your highest channels for conversions. Keeping the emails shorter will ensure a quick way to engage customers and prospects. Make sure the content has images along with the text to make it visually attractive and easy to understand.

Few Things to Remember when you’re using the above Digital Marketing Tips

When you are embarking on a digital journey with or without the help of local digital marketing services, keep in mind about not to overthink things. This will cause less to happen. Have a definite plan with specific goals otherwise you are just shooting in the blank.

Dive in and get familiar with things and ask the local digital marketing services to help you out. This way, you will be focused on the immediate goals for a consistent growth of your business.


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