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Soffront CRM compares best says host…

CRM integrated with Marketing & Sales Automation? The host suggests https://soffront.com/ Free trial no credit card required.

You can hear why on a great interview Soffront CEO Manu Das had this morning @soffront @TechAmPower @Desi1170AM #crm 

Watch the video above or

Download the 10-14-14 mp3

Name of the Game = Salespersons ROI
Occurs because of simplicity and that the sales person actually desires to use the CRM because it saves them more time then it takes. Adoption rate is critical to management too because
Higher Adoption = Higher Data = More Accurate Forecasts & Reports

Start from the ground up! Soffront CRM can be mastered by knowledge of only 3 screens.

The radio host takes an on air trial of Soffront and Loves it! “That’s Fantastic”

His Favorite part? The workflow! This is where you can set up sales processes and run your small business more efficiently.

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