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soffront CRM recues you from phone anhiliation

Imagine this… You have 500 contacts. You are an efficient dialer and you call 100 people per day which nets you 1 good conversation about your product or service. Calling your entire list takes 5 full days. You end up with 5 decent prospects of which you make 1 sale.

Now imagine this… You put 500 new contacts into your CRM + Email Marketing system and start a nurture campaign. Your CRM + Email Marketing system is smart enough to know when a contact is engaging with your email and automatically notifies you of the most interested prospects which you can call directly. After 5 weeks you’ve had 5 great conversations and you’ve made 1 new sale.

Now let’s multiply that x 10

In the first case: 50 full-time days of calling 8 hours/day, 50 conversations, 10 sales.

In the second case: 2 days of calling preset appointments, 50 conversations, 10 sales.

In the second case you import all the contacts at once and it takes you exactly the same amount of whether you are dealing with 500 contacts or 5,000. During the 5 week campaign your CRM + Email Marketing system notifies you of 50 highly interested prospects and you automatically schedule appointments for phone conversations via email. You schedule two leisurely half days for phone appointments and you make 10 sales.

Do you want to work hard or work smart?

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