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Mid-sized businesses should consider marketing automation and CRM as a solution to the frustrating marketing challenges of 2015.

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If you have asked yourself any of the following questions, consider implementing a marketing automation, CRM solution such as Soffront CRM.
• How can I easily access a complete view of my customer?
• How can I speed up the campaign planning and execution cycle to improve time-tomarket?
• How can I leverage low cost web and email media with multi touch point, multi wave,
and multi event campaigns?
• How can I effectively take advantage of marketing segmentation through rich
customer data?
• How can I measure results from marketing campaigns and justifying marketing ROI?
• How can I optimize all of my marketing efforts?
• How can our busy IT department handle changes to our CRM applications?


Consolidate Customer information The Soffront Marketing module of Soffront CRM will let you quickly access a omplete view of each and every customer. Imagine the benefits of an application that allows you to easily consolidate customer inquiries from multiple sources and multiple touch points within the organization.

Once the data is consolidated into a central, easy to-use location, departments in all areas of the organization can not only access the information, but also enrich it by information gathered through technical support, call centers, field representatives and visits to retail locations. Web inquiries and email can also be gathered and responded to with real time email responses.

Having all of this information in a central place within Soffront CRM provides a powerful complete view of the  customer relationship. Mid-sized companies can take advantage of this power to reduce costs, automate marketing functions, and create significant customer value by automating the fundamental who, what, when, why and where of marketing.
Speed Up Campaign Planning and Execution Cycle to Improve Time-To-Market. Today’s marketing departments must think on their feet and leverage every resource on their payroll. The planning and execution of campaigns has grown increasingly complex, leaving little time for error or interruption. With Campaign planning and
management like that in Soffront Marketing, every phase of a campaign is scheduled and executed
without the need of human interaction, freeing up human resources and shortening the execution
With campaign management, each step in a campaign is pre-ordained allowing for complex multi-phase, multi-channel activity that occurs on time, every time. This power let’s marketers focus on the marketing activity not triggering the activity itself. This ability improves time to market while empowering the users to increase the complexity and variety of the actives they execute. Leverage Low Cost Web and Email Media Effectively with Multi Touch Point, Multi Wave, Multi Event Campaigns To satisfy the needs of today’s customers, organizations need to execute campaigns that reach buyers through traditional means plus Internet-based and email-based means. Some efforts may demand immediate, personalized responses irrespective of conventional working shifts
and time zones. To satisfy these demands, companies need to maintain consistency across multiple channels such as Internet, email, telephone, fax, direct mail and others.

Soffront Marketing lets the user schedule and execute complex campaign plans in multiple channels with multiple events and responses to customer interaction. For example, a customer may receive a series of timed emails if they have not purchased for a while. Or they may be targeted to receive a direct mail piece, timed
to a likely buying event, such as a wife’s birthday.

In today’s market place, customers are increasingly reachable through diverse communications channels. The  campaign automation feature of Soffront Marketing lets users take advantage of these multiple
channels to reach customers at work, home or while traveling, thereby increasing the odds of
customer retention on messages and offers.
Personalized messaging can deliver email and direct mail that automatically addresses the customer’s specific identity and needs. This powerful concept of “one-to-one” marketing targets customers each in a semi-unique way, creating a more intimate association between the firm and the individual customer.
With applications such as Soffront Marketing, this type of one to one marketing can be achieved at very high volumes, using an automated mechanism to answer responses and drive customers to web pages through traceable web site URLs embedded within the messages. For example, an organization could enrich knowledge about a customer’s personal preferences by providing with the customer with three choices in an email, and then monitoring the information based on how the customer clicks through.

The practical applications for marketing automation are endless but the most important thing to keep in mind is the actual use of a marketing automation tool is worth 100X the usefulness of a tool which you don’t use. To read more check out our marketing automation CRM whitepaper.

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