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What is marketing automation? Simply put, marketing automation is a software with the purpose of automating your marketing efforts. This software aids your marketing department to work smarter, not harder.

Marketing automation can be beneficial to your company because it’s efficient, reduces your marketing costs, and can make your life easier.


This marketing automation can decrease the number of steps needed to take to manage your social media. Instead of logging into your multiple social media accounts you can generate a post, schedule a time for it to be posted, and you can even reply directly to any comments left without having to leave your software. Within this software program, you are able to receive real-time alerts when a lead visits your site. This allows your team to immediately engage with your customers and send ready-made email messages to them in an effort to convert that lead.

Saves You Money.

Marketing automation can replace several positions within a marketing department. Your lead generation and nurturing can now be done in this software.

A lead form can be created and placed on your site to capture your leads. You can then nurture your leads by forming a touch campaign that instantly sends a series of emails in an effort to keep them interested and engaged.

Make Life Easier.

This software takes away the guess work and allows you to monitor your campaign performance and its ROI, giving you the opportunity to make improvements when necessary.

Additionally, you can decrease the time spent on tedious tasks like sending follow up emails or maintaining customer data so that your team has more time focusing on other important tasks.

Marketing automation is essential because it has the ability to cut costs, increase your marketing efforts, and enhance the way you engage with your customers.

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