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During the time, when the term CRM was but a nascent glow in the sea of bright shining stars, a versatile thinker and entrepreneur Manu Das incorporated his fertile thoughts into its essence to make it a silent revolution of automation. Manu Das single-handedly spearheaded this pioneering idea into gross reality in the form of Soffront Software. New frontiers were born, expectations were raised but under the able leadership of Manu Das Soffront slowly started to grow as the undiscovered merits of a CRM system started manifesting.

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According to Manu, “budding entrepreneurs should focus on executing ideas, rather than creating a cluster of ideas and be perplexed.” It is this business approach that carves the success route of an entrepreneur in the long run. Manu stresses on the fact that how a CRM system can be the CPU or the brain of a company. Not only the customer information will be organized and consolidated as ever before, but new modules namely Sales Automation and Marketing Automation will work in tandem to build an intelligent virtual assistant who will assist the salespeople while they focus on the real job of “selling”. He then goes on to say that CRM should not be viewed as a tool but an asset of a business whose correct implementation could lead to better revenue generation and substantial growth.

Manu made it a point that his ideas and thoughts should reflect in his CRM software, it should evolve from being a simple tool to a complex management platform. He studied and researched extensively on the mechanics of CRM and incorporated all those features into the software which would benefit a business in broad terms.

When Manu first introduced CRM at a conference in San Jose, California, Customer representative thought they would not need a software to track customer calls and purchases. The customer service managers were astonished by reports showing open and close cases and rate of case closings. Not only that, they were pleasantly surprised at how an existing e-mail system can be integrated into a CRM making the sinews of communication much more flexible and convenient.

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25 years later, CRM emerged to be a most profitable industry and Manu is recognized as one of the pioneers of CRM software. “Many vertical CRM solutions have evolved and continue to evolve. India, in particular, is behind in adopting CRM but that is about to change. With the hosted data centers across India, it is cost effective to offer CRM to millions of SMB companies across India.” says Manu.

According to Manu, “Leadership is not about how many followers you enmass, but your innate ability to offer greatness, purpose, and value to the unexpected world and let your deeds be the seeds of change nurturing the soil of skepticism with its unfettering growth.” Manu Das’s Soffront innovated many features: flexible form designer, workflow manager, drag and drop builder, point and click many to many relationship builders, automation rules to name a few. Manu also rewards those employees who bring fresh innovative ideas to the table that helps customers in some way.

For Manu, leadership is close to his heart. “To build followers, I must have a clear idea of my employee’s interest in mind,” concludes Manu. He is one of that man who wants to leave an impression of his deeds in this world so that his meaning of existence is worthwhile.

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