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Google is the most used search engine in the world and Google My Business Listing holds the same significance. People rely heavily on it to get answers to their most pressing issues and queries. Given, this fact is true, Google has revealed interesting information regarding the searches placed on its platform. It recently pointed out that, one out of three searches has local intent. As in, people from around the world use Google as a platform to find local business or google my business locations, within their vicinity.

The business, irrespective of its market, ranges from local eateries to medical care or even a salon or dry cleaner. This piece of information is particularly, important for businesses if it relies on local consumer traffic. There are other aspects to this as google my business review plays an important part in providing insights of your business to the local search results.

Are you thinking, why does all this information deserves a mention when it is supposed to be about a Google My Business Listing?

Well, you have a valid point!

Since Google plays a crucial part of how consumers and customers find services and products around them, it goes without saying the importance of Google My Business Listing has in all of these.

Now, what is Google My Business Listing and how is it important?

Attracting local customers is important to a business and thankfully this scenario hasn’t changed. The best part is, now businesses can get noticed within their vicinity with the technology named Google My Business. Marketing is more effective within a specific geographic area than blanket-style marketing if your business goals lie within the local search results.

Google My Business

A free and easy to use tool, from the search engine mogul itself, Google My Business has helped organizations and businesses to manage their online presence across Google search engine.

If you are a business owner and still not convinced, then these points will give you a head’s up on what you are missing on and the opportunities await for you with verified google my business locations.

Benefit For Your Business

People turn to local business multiple times a day. They search for valuable information making their life easier. However, this is also important for businesses to stand out of the competition: Google My Business. Whether it is Google review, maps query or search result, more than five billion searches are made each day. If your business is registered under Google My Business Listing, it will be visible to a large audience. It can improve how business appears on search engine results.

Helpful In Local SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has a lot to contribute to your business especially when you are operating locally and want to attract local customers.

What Is SEO And How It Is Relevant Here?

SEO is referred to as the strategies and tactics used to make a website search engine friendly. In other words, SEO makes your website show up in Google search results with better ranks. For instance, if you have a restaurant or food business, you might want Google to show your business every time a search for restaurants or food is initiated.

Not just one, but, there are heaps of factors affecting the SEO and Google ranking of individual websites. One such factor is location.

This is where Google My Business listing comes to play. It will give you access to Google My Business locations and other features, which will virtually help you control the business online. A Google My Business listing is more likely to increase your chances in search results when a person located in your area of service search for the same. Your chances will also increase when someone uses the key term like a restaurant or your location like Sydney.

Registering for Google My Business is well worth your time. You have the control to make several changes for better ranking like ‘contact us’ or ‘more information’. It also comes in a package with local SEO.

Reviews For Better Business Insights

One of the best-recognized features of Google My Business is to provide google my business review on your business or service. Reviews play an important role when a customer finds your business for the first time and wonders whether you are reliable or trustworthy.

Thus, a quick overview of your google my business review will give the new customers a peace of mind that they are dealing with the right kind of services. Google give priorities to accounts with reviews, thus, be sure, Google My Business is a great tool for business to gain recognition on online platform.

Profile Optimizing And Claiming Features

A Google My Business profile with updated information like valid business locations and reviews is relevant for users who are searching for business or services like yours.

However, you need to make sure the Google My Business profile is optimized to further help Google in the search engine ranking. The following tips can help you optimize the profile effectively,

Before starting with the optimization you need to claim the Google My Business profile. You can check whether the claiming process is already done or not. Sign in with the Google My Business account and enter the name of the business you are running into the form next to the map of your country. This is a confirmation that you are authorized to manage the business.

This is a major step for claiming your business listing. After doing so, the next thing is to make sure, you have up-to-date and correct data. The correct information includes accurate hours of operation, appropriate service category along with correct google my business locations.

Company’s name, address and phone number also known as NAP needs to be consistent across all online platforms like Yelp, Bing, and other industry-specific sites. Inconsistent information confuses potential customers and has a negative impact on the ability to rank your business online.

Apart from just putting in information about your business, high-quality images also play a significant role in your online search ranking from Google My Business. Thus, make it a point to add images that give out information about your products or services. Photos have an impact on the customers and might choose you over any other competition.

This brings you to the final category of this segment, online reviews. Online reviews help the customers to choose your business over any other’s. So, what if you do not have any? Implement a strategy to get it from your customers. These are important endorsements setting you apart from others.

Platforms For Promotions And Offers

Google My Business is diversified and you can say with the features it provides for your business profile. It can be considered as another communication platform or a new interactive channel to stay in touch with your existing and potential clients.

You can promote new promotions or offers on a platform that has a reach to millions of prospects both, locally and worldwide.

Visibility On Google Maps

Adding physical location of your business not only helps in the visibility in the search results and ranking but also extends to Google Maps. When someone will use map app to find business, the location will appear helping the customers find services within their location.

The locality, where your business operates gives a competitive edge over the other operators having similar business to yours. Thus, when someone is in your area and finds your business online with great reviews and proper information, it is likely to turn into your prospective customer.

Google My Business is a unified platform that offers several important features for saving the time and money for businesses. You will get better chances of getting seen in online searches thus, increasing your business prospect to a certain extent.

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