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marketing sherpa email benchmarking survey 2013

  1. The customized targeted nature of email marketing messages will continue producing significant ROI. Mark the Marketer says “For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment” | source


  1. The personalized content of email marketing, through the application of custom niche key works, will matter more than ever. Companies will continue increasing the amount of dollars spend on CRM for email marketing. According to MarketingCharts “email marketing is the program for which the largest share (60.7%) of respondents plan budget increases…” | source


  1. Email marketing will continue to beat social media. Sales messages are more likely to be seen, opened, and responded to when communicated in email than when in displayed in social media. The Campaign Monitor puts it best, “Your message is 5 times as likely to be opened in email than in social media” | source


  1. Sales automation is $ka-ching$ in the bank. And will therefore continue to be ultra-important in email marketing campaign strategies. Per The Lenskold Group 78% of successful marketers attributed sales automation to improving revenue growth.


  1. As more emails are being opened in mobile devices, responsive marketing emails will become more important. Responsive emails can be opened in both desktop devices and mobile devices. Thus dynamic CRM tools, like ones offered by soffront.com enable responsive marketing emails designs.
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