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No matter what field you find yourself in, automation saves time off of processes while making tasks consistent. In terms to marketing, marketing automation saves time off of processes that marketers and business owners do not need to manually focus on. “It is the consistency of the information that matters for a good story, not its completeness. Indeed, you will often find that knowing little makes it easier to fit everything you know into a coherent pattern.” Daniel Kahneman.

What happens to a lead once it comes in? What happens to an account once they are familiar with a company? How do you keep them interested in your company?

Trying to grow a business or gain more business is not always easy. As a marketer or a business owner, we try to focus on spending time on income producing activities, but doing these items can take up a lot of the time needed to focus on the items that help bring the sales in. Automation is a good way to touch accounts and leads consistent basis, without you manually contacting each one of them manually.  Automation brings the luxury of being able to focus on the other things a business that need to be tended to. Automated processes run in the background after being set up for marketing services and products. Focus on tasks such as speaking, servicing and selling clients while giving them the quality attention that they need. Depending where they are at in the sales processes these clients get the attention needed by being nurtured through the sales process.

An automated marketing process will run in the background seamlessly with little or no need for it to be touched as it is working on nurturing and helping your leads or accounts. Emails will automatically go out based on triggered events, such as clicking on a link, or opening an email, or where they go on the website,. CRM and marketing automation will lead score the account/lead and send to sales when it is ready based on those activities that they have interacted with. Manually having to launch  special tasks leaves room for error, by sending out the wrong information to the wrong group of customers, or by sending it at the wrong time, or by not sending it at all because there was not enough time to analyze where people have been what they are interested in and what they are looking at. Marketing automation, cuts out the need for rushing around or having to reinvent the wheel with each interaction.

Buyers make a decision to go with someone that they are informed about the company that they are looking into, based on information, reviews and knowledge of a product or service. Come up with a plan. Do not throw random marketing their way hoping that people will stumble across it, won’t benefit them or the business. Keeping a customer or lead engaged, will better the outcome that they come to you the next time they need something. Making it easier to convert to a sales in the long run. Marketing automation software will keep them engaged and also show you how engaged, they are, but tracking their opens, clicks, what they have read, all the information you need to know and scores their interaction. Being visually in front them is helpful, have the electronic communications do part of the leg work for you. When good or consistent leads are not coming in, marketing automation should be looked at for an option to support the marketing that is currently in place. Good, consistent and tangible tips or marketing materials are best to be sent out something that a customer can implement as a tool.

Many different industries have automated their actions, from manufacturing to make the production process faster and more efficient to car companies using  an automated process to build cars. The process of automating marketing works the same way, it ultimately will save more time as a whole, contacting the people that need to be contacted within the database.  Eliminating the stress of putting something together on a regular basis. Once set up it will run in the background, nurturing all the leads, making sure that the brand is being seen until they are ready to buy. Valuable, consistent information is the best gift that a customer can have and, can mean everything to your company or the customer going with another brand. When a customer doesn’t see information from you they may forget about you. Don’t slip into the masses by not communicating with your current and soon to be customers. Stay relevant to them by consistently giving them great information that they can use.  

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