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The arrival of email in the 90’s offered a new dimension through which communication, both personal and business, could be enhanced. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Email, as a form of communication continues to grow. In 2013, The Radicati Group found there were 3.9 billion email accounts worldwide. This ever growing figure is expected to reach 4.9 billion in 2017. The arrival and explosion of mobile technology such as smart phones and tablets, coupled with social media websites, have offered new marketing avenues. However, regardless of the ‘threat’ from social media, for following reasons, email marketing is here to stay.

With more email accounts being opened, more people are signing up to receive email sale notices. According to BlueHornet, “80% of respondents’ sight discount notices as the reason for email sign ups.” In response, companies like Soffront provide web based CRM (Customer Relationship Managment) that facilitates tailored offerings to specific consumer segments via email marketing. According to StrongView, 54% of marketers plan to increase their budget for email in 2015. That’s a 17% increase from 2014.

There is a significant ROI for targeted email campaigns. Inexpensive CRM systems offer the ability for automated marketing. Which means you can have automated and tailored campaigns and analysis of effective campaign strategies. As of 2013, the Direct Marketing Association mentions the ROI on email marketing at 4300%. Companies are also gaining more revenue on their email marketing. Econsultancy reports, “On average, companies are attributing 23% of their total sales to the email marketing channel, compared to 18% in 2013. This equates to a proportionate rise of 28% in just one year.”

Using niche words and optimizing subject lines are simple strategies to convert email marketing campaigns to sales. The more you understand your customer’s needs and wants, the more you can use niche keywords in email subject lines. That content will generate more clicks and connect the customers to the products and/or brand they desire. McKinsey&Company stresses the value of customized email campaigns and illustrates how using resources like a CRM converts email campaigns to great ROI figures. McKinsey&Company reported, “… home-goods retailer Williams-Sonoma reported a tenfold improvement in response rates by adopting personalized e-mail offerings based on individuals’ on-site and catalog shopping behavior.”

The mobile market will continue to fuel the growth of email marketing. More and more people check emails on their mobile devices. Thus, tailoring marketing email campaigns such that they can be opened on any device will drive up the value of email marketing. Litmus reports, “We ended 2014 with 48% of opens coming from detectable mobile sources, 22% of opens in desktop, and 30% in webmail.” Also, non-optimized mobile websites won’t rank near as high on Google’s search engine.

As reported by EmailExpert, 91% of consumers will check their emails at least once a day. Thus, with the right message based on insights gleaned from proven CRM applications, targeted email marketing to promote sales or savings, newsletters to relevant consumer segments, sales, clicks per page, customer retention is bound to increase. Bottom line: email marketing isn’t going anywhere.


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