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User interface: human – machine interaction

Friction: the force resisting relative motion

The slightest hint of friction can often spell disaster for your productivity. This truth is seared into the soul of Soffront CRM. Soffront boasts the industries highest adoption rates specifically because the user interface is intuitive and natural. What is unique about the Soffront CRM user design?


Tab Based Architecture

Tab based architecture,┬ásimilar┬áto tabs on your browser, offers a very clean environment to pursue your work. Multi-tasking is a fact of life, especially in business communications, Tabs allow the Soffront user to easily work with several projects in parallel. Let’s review an example… Say you want to set up an email touch campaign, i.e. a series of emails automatically distributed over a scheduled period of time, as you begin your first email copy you get a call from a client who needs immediate help, instead of closing down your touch campaign you simply open up a new tab from your home page.

CRM homepage

You drill down through the customers notes and see that their problem is already solved so you let the customer know your team is on top of the situation and then you go back to your touch campaign, you don’t have to refind your place because you never left it, you simply click on the touch campaigns tab and you are right back in productive mode.

Tabs within Tabs


Soffront CRM tab based user interface is intuitive

Tabs make the entire Soffront CRM experience very intuitive. Touch campaigns are often the most tedious and disorganized tasks you can complete in many Email Marketing & CRM systems, but not so with Soffront. In Soffront your touch campaign is localized in one tab, with each email organized as a tab within that tab. You can even edit more then one touch campaign at a time. Copying and replicating emails are also very intuitive.
For these simple but ultra practical reasons you should consider using Soffront CRM as your main Email Marketing tool. You can sign up for a NO RISK free trial here: http://www.soffront.com


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