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Sales teams are happiest when they have the tools to do their jobs. The happiest teams are also the most productive. The old adage of 20% of sales personnel being responsible for 80% of the sales revenue has only become truer with the advancement of technology.

So how does a business ensure a happy salesforce?

Answer = Utilize the right tools so their work lives are simple.

How does an individual salesperson keep from being overwhelmed with the hundreds of contacts, proposals, replies & prospects at various levels in the sales process?

Answer = utilize a robust CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software platform
• Track correspondence history with contacts, keep all communication organized under the same “roof” i.e. screen.
• Apply a consistent sales process to all prospects, where by your software notifies you of the specific tasks to accomplish for each step in your workflow aka sales stages and leads are not slipping through the ‘cracks’ after a missed email or unfollowed up solicitation

How does a business ensure a productive salesforce?

Answer = utilize Marketing software that magnifies efforts in a repeatable and automatic fashion
• Keep in touch with new leads in effortless manner by having your marketing emails consistently distributed without the constant involvement of your salesteam.
• Prioritize your current leads by focusing on the prospects who are most engaged with your message. No need for deep analysis, your marketing system should identify and notify you of when your leads get engaged.

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