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Funnel to customers


Whether you own your own business or you are an employee for someone else, it always feels great to connect your services with potential users. What experienced businesses understand is this is just the start of the process. This post will explore the use of Soffront Online CRM software and how to use it to;

1) Automatically Tag & Bag a lead directly from your website.

2) Automatically solicit that lead so your sales process is systematic.


1) There are many ways to input a lead into your Soffront Online CRM

  • You can import a list of excel (Hint: use the automapping feature to align the excel columns with your CRM fields).
  • You can manually add a contact
  • You can scan a business card and watch as your lead magically appears in your CRM database (Hint: make sure you have rules set up for business cards scanned so that contact is sent a welcome email
  • You can use Soffront web forms to generate a form so that when a visitor to your website fills in the form they are automatically entered into your database. (see below) (Hint: set up lead magnets aka something of value to bribe visitors for their contact info)

lead capture with CRM


2) Now that you have contacts in your database, what do you do?

  • You can send an autoreply email, thanking your lead for entering information on your website
  • You can send an autoreply email sending the bribe aka lead magnet you used to solicit your visitor information in the first place. 1st promise kept which starts a positive branding experience.
  • You can set up a rule so that your Soffront CRM automatically adds a series of tasks which correspond to your sales processes. Each set of tasks can be customized by source and workflow stage. This means you may have multiple processes in place, for instance a unique sales process for leads who joined your database via web form lead magnet, or certain processes for leads who have entered your database from a business card scancampaign rules


Following these best practice suggestions will help you use an Online CRM to best effect, assuring that those valuable leads aren’t squandered or slip through the cracks.


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