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Soffront vs. Constant Contact:

Which is Better for You?

In the email marketing service industry Soffront and Constant Contact are both sophisticated tools. If you have a limited budget both services are very affordable.

  • For 5,000 contacts monthly cost of Constant Contact is $55. Soffront starts at $40

  • Are you interested in Sales Automation? Then Soffront has a clear advantage with features such as workflows, enhanced lead management & forecasting ability.

  • If you are interested in keeping your CRM and Email marketing notes together Soffront has clear advantage because it’s an All-in-One tool combining CRM + Email Marketing. This means you use Soffront daily for regular business communications and you don’t have to juggle notes and switch to another software to execute an email marketing campaign.

  • If you like Google Chrome’s “Tab based architecture” which allows multiple open tabs to be worked on simultaneously, definitely go with Soffront’s award winning design.

  • In addition: Soffront has the only platform with a built in Business Card scanner which imports contact info right into your CRM allowing for instant email drip campaigns.


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