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Have that nagging feeling that you should be doing something productive with that prospect list which is too big for you to call directly? What new gimmick or technology or social app are you desperately missing out on that would solve all your marketing problems and blow up your sales funnel? What 2015 tactic is considered a best practice and only getting more useful?



marketing sherpa email benchmarking survey 2013


Tried and true. What’s new is old. What successful businesses have understood is that opposed to some new gimmick or tool the first marketing strategy a business should have is email marketing.


  • Inbound traffic on demand
  • You own it; You own your own list as opposed to have to rent or pay expensive ad companies to connect
  • Secondary sales opportunities; drive direct sales and credibility but when you’ve squeezed all you can from that then email marketing is the perfect venue to launch new campaigns.


Here are Four Strategies to up your Email Marketing game in 2015

1. List purchase (B2B) Make sure your email marketing platform supports list upload, many do not, Soffront does.

2. Auxiliary Sales aka the upsell, bundle current services and/or offer a discount to your customers.

3. Audience Partnership: connect with a blogger or noncompetitive business that already has a well established audience.

4. Convert your Email List to Social Network: gain more credibility by having a robust social network which presells your prospects. Emails with social sharing buttons increase click through rates by 158%. If you need help with social sharing or selling ask your Soffront support team 



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