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Why you want to implement the best processes of your best sales reps organization wide


Successful businesses need a strong sales process. It is not enough to tell your sales reps how many sales they need to make, or even give them good incentives to sell certain amounts of product. Instead, they need a particular way to sell. They need a method, and that method comes from the best processes and practices of the highest-selling reps in your company. Those processes should be taught to – and used by – every sales rep your company has.

When your company has a good sales process that every sales rep follows, your conversion rates will be higher. That means you will see more sales from coming into contact with the same number of potential buyers. The higher your conversion rate, the better your company will generally do and the more successful you can expect to be. When you have the right tools to go with the processes, like robust Soffront CRM with Workflow Stages, you can give your sales reps what they need to take their best processes to the next level. This also goes for Franchises using CRM too.

80-20 rule aka Pareto Principal. Sales Processes

Icon economist behind the Pareto Principle aka 80-20 Rule


The top sales reps generally create the vast majority of revenue, so the more top reps your company has, the better you will do when it comes to your bottom line. The 80/20 rule generally applies to those salespeople, in that 80 percent of the company’s revenue comes from the top salespeople, while only 20 percent comes from the average sales reps. To protect your company and keep it moving forward, you can find out what works best from a sales standpoint, and then implement that throughout your organization. Soffront has next generation capabilities that can help on two fronts, 1. Identifying the top performers (conversion reports, sales reports, activity reporting) and 2. Workflow stages, which automatically assign tasks to a given rep, these stages and tasks are customizable and allow the Soffront CRM software to guide the sales rep to their next course of action. Implementing workflow for your company will introduce standard processes which you can monitor.

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That ensures that every sales rep knows how to do his or her job, and that each one of those reps is focused on handling the sales a particular way. By doing that and using the right tools, your company will grow and develop much faster than it otherwise would have. That can mean bigger profits and a better bottom line, but it can also mean a better reputation. You will attract good sales reps who see that there is a strong process in place and good money to be made, as well, which can help your company hire only the best and the brightest when it comes to who is selling your products and services.

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