Marketing 101: List building, Lead Nurturing, Sales, Retention



List Building

With the growth of social media, as well as mobile telephony, email list building is easier than ever. There are many ways to build an email list. The tried and tested methods are content marketing, off-line events, and your website. Creating high quality content marketing publications that include opt-in/opt-out options is a must. The emails derived from this setting are also of high quality since the signees what to stay engaged with the offerings/brand. Another way to get signees is through off-line events. At such events you can have a booth at which you provide people with the option to sign up for upcoming promotions/newsletters etc. Last but not least sign up option is through your web site. When potential customers visit your website, having email signup options and/or offerings is an effective way to build email list.


Lead Nurturing.    

Keeping constant contact, through content marketing/newsletters and/or offerings, with the individuals in the email list will enable them to become educated about your products, build trust and eventually, turn them into customers. In addition, customers are informed and the connection to the customers with regards to brand awareness is kept alive.  Common lead nurturing strategies are the 3-2-1 drip program, stage-specific drip, Event-specific drip and Straight drip. How effective is lead nurturing? A study by the Annuitas group revealed that 47% of larger purchases are made by nurtured leads, relative to non-nurtured leads.  |source

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Involving a sales team, and a sales process makes converting these nurtured leads easy, especially when you have an effective CRM tool.  According to the Forrester Research, of marketers with lead management processes, 46% of them employ a sales team that follow up on 75% of marketing leads. | source

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A key component of customer retention is the post-sale follow up. An awesome CRM will help you in customer retention by keeping track of their orders, the challenges they had (if any), and their level of satisfaction with your services and products. With a CRM, all the notes relative to the customer are integrated for easy access by the “key” team in one “room”, and makes the follow up process fully informed and effective. Remember, a happy customer is easy to retain. Just keep them engaged well past the sale closure stage with continued engagement.

Soffront at the 2015 International Franchise Association in Las Vegas

#IFA2015 has come and gone. It was a whirlwind of a few days, wasn’t it? There were a lot of people to meet and network with. Even Elvis made an appearance! There were some fantastic keynote speakers with a plethora of valuable information. Soffront certainly took a lot away from the convention, and we hope all of you did as well.

The key point that the experts were making was that a CRM is vital to the success of a franchise.  However, all Franchise CRMs are not made the same. Some support only e-mail, others support only sales and others support only social media. That forces a franchise to use multiple systems to accomplish a task. We know the confusion that can take place with switching back and forth between two, three, or even four different systems!

Soffront’s CRM lets you use one system to accomplish all of these tasks.


Soffront Franchise CRM

Franchisor Benefits: execute franchise-wide marketing campaigns, share leads with franchisees, establish and monitor processes, and pull business intelligence in real time.
Franchisee Benefits: Organize Sales and Marketing, Generate Leads with Email and Social Marketing, Receive Leads from Franchisor, Manage Projects, Tasks and Activities.

CRM & Marketing for Franchisors and Franchisees


How to sign up client for ActionCOACH’es


How to register your client using Client Connect.

What is Client Connect?

Client connect is a feature that enables a Soffront CRM subscriber to connect with his client’s CRM database and access certain information. His clients must also be a subscriber of Soffront ActionCOACH CRM. The checklist below will help you to register your clients, define their Sales process and track their Activity, Conversion and 5 ways report. (5-ways report is only available for ActionCOACH customers).

  • Earn Money. We will pay you for every client you sign up or elect for account credit.
  • Save Time. You and your client will save ton of time communicating via CRM.
  • Monitor your clients progress.
  • Improve effectiveness of coaching.
  • Increase client Retention.
CONNECT WITH YOUR CLIENT VIA CRM Setup client’s sales process while you are in a coaching session! Your client does not have to do it later on his own!Monitor your client’s Activities, Conversions, Pipeline and 5-ways – anytime, anywhere. Client never have to send you an spreadsheet with their activities and conversions!Both you and your client save time – because you communicate electronically via CRM.Pass files to your clients to fill in and be notified when he is done.


This one is not very obvious to some.

People don’t change CRM often. You help setup their sales process, CRM, 5-ways etc. If the business is doing better, then they will attribute the success to your coaching and CRM – two working together!!

They will continue to enjoy the success and stay with the coaching program and the CRM.

Many coaches will testify to this.


Ask your client to signup here:

Then, follow instructions in this article to connect with your client’s CRM.


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Workflows and how to use them


Succesful business coach & ActionCOACH Heather Yakes from ActionCOACH in Columbus, OH identifies workflows as an essential CRM tool. “Soffront has a great workflow management and task system. So I can very easily go in and set exactly my sales process, my workflow and it (soffront) automatically will generate the task for me, when I apply a certain client, a lead or prospect within that workflow. So it’s telling me exactly what to do, I don’t have to think about it!”

To read more about workflows please check out our knowledge base on workflows here