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Multi-Channel Marketing

What is Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-Channel Marketing is the process of communicating and marketing to prospective customers across multiple channels, including online and offline.

Multi-Channel Marketing campaigns employ various types of marketing methods such as Inbound and Outbound Marketing. Organizations will usually rely on both Inbound and Outbound marketing channels to raise brand awareness about their products or services.

Outbound Marketing – Where the organization directly contacts or initiates the relationship a potential customer – uses mainly traditional marketing channels such as newspapers, magazines, catalogs, telephone calls, television, radio and direct mail. Digital platforms such as unsolicited emails and pop-up ads also form part of outbound marketing efforts.

Inbound Marketing uses channels such as a website’s blog or social media to drive users seeking information about a product or service. Email is also another inbound marketing channel when the recipient has already engaged the company or has become a lead. These channels are employed as indirect marketing efforts because the company invites the customer to start the relationship. CRM and Marketing Automation software is typically integrated with an inbound marketing strategy.

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