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Outbound Marketing

What is Outbound Marketing?

Outbound Marketing is founded upon the sales force to search for customers and spark the relationship. Methods of outbound marketing include cold-calls, direct mail, unsolicited or “junk” emails; “pop-up” ads, radio, print and television spots.

Since outbound marketing involves “disrupting” a customer’s activities, it is susceptible to countermeasures such as caller ID or blocking, “do-not-call lists”, pop-up blockers and spam email filters.

Inbound Marketing, rather, assumes the customer already expresses interest in a company, the type of products or services it offers or a subject matter in which the company involves itself. Companies who use inbound marketing tactics generate traffic to their sites or product pages through producing relevant content for their prospective customers that can be found via search engines or social media.

Upon acquiring visitors to their website, the organization may use lead generation tactics to acquire user data and funnel those leads into a CRM where they could begin nurturing those leads into real customers.