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Marketing Automation

Definition of Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is software designed to effectively manage marketing efforts across multiple channels online such as email, social media, blogs, etc. Marketing Automation tools can automate repetitive tasks and deliver tailored messages to a prospective leads based on engagement throughout the sales funnel.

Marketing Automation involves the automatic capture of leads from websites, landing pages or social media and then automatically sending email sequencing and running a drip campaign; tracking visits to a website; providing templates for newsletters or permitting the user to customize them; automatic lead scoring and ranking of leads to identify candidates for sales; and monitoring campaign performance.

A robust Marketing Automation software can segment customers into groups based on their level of engagement and then target emails and other messaging specifically to the needs and interests of that group. Marketing automation systems allow real-time response to customers or lead inquiries and offer A/B testing of various components of your campaigns – so you are always optimizing for performance.

With an integrated CRM, an organization can automatically track the return on investment from various types of campaigns and spending – including cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

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