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Lead Score

What is a Lead Score?

Lead Score is grading system used to prioritize leads based on interactions that indicate level of interest as a way to determine when leads are ready to be turned over to sales.

Lead Scoring takes the number of points assigned to a lead based on the lead’s actions, behaviors, demographics and other factors. Many businesses rely on lead scoring to evaluate the likelihood that a lead will convert to a sale or other stream of revenue. The determination guides how the company will allocate its resources and on whom it will concentrate its marketing efforts.

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A CRM system, or other scoring apparatus, adds or subtracts points based upon a specific action or other factors. For example, a lead that unsubscribes (requests to no longer receive) to emails or other communications. Leads may earn points for actions such as completing surveys, clicks to landing pages and online advertisements, opening “drip” emails from the company, submitting web forms, and upgrading their status from lead to prospect and, then, to customer.