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A web form is an HTML form on a web page that lets visitors enter their information. A visitor may, for instance, want to subscribe to your company’s newsletter by entering their email address and any other data you wish to collect. This information is, then, sent to a server for processing.

Characteristics of a Web Form

Web forms are rather basic when you break them down in their simplest form. Essentially, shutterstock_151668353they are made up of different elements, and these elements are expressed graphically within the form. For instance, a web form like the one above includes two text boxes asking for a username and password. The form also contains a submit button, which is labeled “Login,” that tells the browser to send the form to the server.

Other elements of a web form can include radio buttons, checkboxes, a reset button, a drop-down list, and a file select control that allows for the uploading of files.

With the aid of a web designer, you can also choose a variety of different designs for your web form. You can customize the form’s text, images, and colors.

Uses of Web Forms

A web form is similar to paper or database forms because your customers fill out the forms using text fields, checkboxes, or radio buttons. Examples of where web forms can be used is in the “checkout process” during online shopping where the customer enters his credit card information or when he types a phrase into a search engine’s search field box.

How to Use Web Forms for Your Business

Depending on your goals, the way you use a web form will have a particular purpose for specific situations. You can use contact forms as an effective contact method or a way to capture leads. Or perhaps you are an e-commerce company that wants to include a sales order form on your website as a convenience to your customers. Another type of form that may be useful to your business is including a customer feedback form so that you can gain better knowledge of what is working in your business, and what is not.

However you decide to use web forms on your website, they are an indispensable component to your business. From gathering information from leads to better understanding your customers’ needs, utilizing web forms effectively can be a great benefit to your company’s growth.

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