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A CRM solution helps in the automation and management of the customer life-cycle as far as sales and marketing are concerned. Read on to gain an understanding of 5 key features of custom CRM software deemed useful for your business prospects.

Email integration

The feature brings about seamless and simultaneous integration with and utilization of several email service providers such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. It allows:

  • Segmentation and management of contact lists
  • Formation of centralized hub meant for in-house cross-collaboration

You need to mull over the primary modus operandi with which your team sets up communications. Given that your team isn’t accustomed to communicating through an app, putting the capability of email integration as a foremost priority in your custom CRM software is all-important.

Document management

This involves the collection, upload, storage of documents at a centralized location. These documents are subsequently disseminated among team members for them to gain access to suitable information.

Document management is looked upon as a powerful custom CRM software given that you’ve got a large sales and marketing team. Storing vital information at a centralized place makes sure all the members of your team are abreast of the latest developments. Moreover, it encourages a smooth and consistent customer experience.

Reporting and analytics

By roping in the reporting/analytics feature, you get a summary and detailed reports of sales figures and performance of sales rep at a daily, weekly, or monthly periodicity.

The reporting/analytics functionality of custom CRM software helps you gain competence in running and deriving reports depending on the influences of geography, the stage of the sales funnel, and individual sales rep performance. The high-level detailing leads to effective troubleshooting of problems. Plus, you get to keep up a thorough understanding of your sales process in its entirety.


Based on previous and current data or trends the forecasting feature helps make predictions for sales figures and revenue.

Forecasting ability finds a use for your existing data to create predictions related to forthcoming quarters and new territories. The feature makes efficient use of your data and empowers you to make factual, well-informed decisions.

Quotes and proposal management

This feature helps in the creation and transmission of quotes and proposals to customers.

The precise kind of business you specialize in dictates how much you can prioritize this specific functionality. If the products/services you cater to require some hither and thither over proposals and contracts, centralizing the process within your custom CRM software would be convenient and practical.

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