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In case you’ve made up your mind to use white label CRM software, you need to make sure the one you opt for is the absolute best for your individual business needs.

It’s less than enough to simply start off and look for any white label CRM software. You need to carefully choose the white label partner you’re going to get associated with during the forthcoming 5 to 10 years or even more. Identifying the right product and partner will be of considerable importance.

Read on to gain an understanding of 7 things you should count on while trying to find a suitable white label CRM software.

white label CRM software

white label CRM software

  1. The white label CRM software should be easy to understand

Ease of use is the most important factor while choosing CRM software. Definitely, there are systems that software engineers or computer wizards may find effortless to use. However, you need to get hold of a system that offers ease and comfort to you and your customers.

The following clues will amply justify whether a particular white label CRM software is anything but user-friendly:

  • It needs the intervention of a software consultant for its setup.

  • It calls for extensive training to put into use.

  • It has a weighty user manual that needs an in-depth study.

  1. The white label CRM software should not be overburdened with features

The lesser features the software has the better it is. There are many CRMs that look bloated with innumerable features many of which are hardly ever used.

What users need is to access the system, do their necessary work, and come out of it. Software with excessive features becomes an impediment. Ideally, the white label CRM software you choose must have enough flexibility to conceal superfluous features and sections you don’t want to reveal to your customers.

  1. The white label CRM software should have all functionalities you need

There are several functionalities such as marketing automation, workflow capabilities, landing pages, email marketing of paramount importance. Create a list of the ones you require and see to it the white label CRM software of your choice serves each of them.

  1. The white label CRM software should be fast

The software must work at a blazing speed. If it’s otherwise, then you can be pretty certain that the developers have used old technology. Refrain from accepting any excuses. Low-speed software may also indicate more serious underlying problems.

Make sure there is virtually no system downtime. Nowadays top quality white label CRM software has an availability of 99.9999 percent. So if you and your customers are running into downtime, then be sure you’ve got a raw deal.

  1. The white label CRM software should ensure a long haul partnership

You’re going to forge a partnership with a company that created the white label solution for you to resell. The company you single out should have an unwavering commitment to its white label product. See to it you derive a certain comfort level while working with the people in the parent company. Seek out honesty and transparency in the way they operate.

Track a company that has been successfully white labeling items of software for no less than 5 years. The concept is novel, looks shiny, and generates lots of revenue for CRM companies trying to broaden their reach.

But, sadly, it’s not very simple to continue the partnership and commitment down the path. When the going gets tough, your partner may even decide to relinquish their idea and flee leaving you high and dry.

So choose very carefully.

  1. The white label CRM software should have the tools and support to make your endeavor succeed

In a typical white label CRM software model, first-line customer support will be provided by you. Next, the partner comes into the scene.

The white label partner you team up with should help you by providing necessary and effective resources and support to make sure its product gets resold. For example, a white label partner can provide you with a library of training videos to support end-users so that they can launch the CRM software quickly and professionally.

Constant support from your white label CRM reseller is a bonus. But, to sustain that you need to keep up communication about what you come across inside the marketplace and extra functionalities and features that are required to garner more customers and subsequently sell more licenses.

  1. The white label CRM software should be 100 percent white label

Make sure it becomes easy for you to fully white label the product commensurate with your branding. Also, make sure there’s no trace or mention anywhere of the company that originally developed it. You’re going to present a complete solution to your customers that not only contains the white label CRM software but also the constituent systems, strategies, and content to make it work perfectly.

It can be embarrassing if your customer gets a whiff that the software is not your brainchild. Occasionally such an uncomfortable situation arises. But, ideally, you shouldn’t want them to find this out and put in your best efforts to conceal its real identity.

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