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ImageI recently read an article that explains why so many companies eventually abandon their CRM software. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or changing to a new brand, it’s an issue worth considering before you make a commitment to a new or different application. And if you’re one of the many companies struggling with your current CRM system, you might want to examine your difficulties before giving up on CRM altogether.

One of the most serious mistakes an online marketer can make is to assume the Internet can do all the work for you. The web is a marketing tool, not a marketing substitute. The same goes for CRM software. When performance falls short of expectations, it’s easy to blame the software. While it’s possible the software may be at fault, you might also consider that a well-designed CRM application is much more than an extension of the sales team’s address book. A fully functioning CRM should be fully integrated into all of the business processes used to serve your customers.

Success or failure of your CRM system also depends on how committed management is to implementing a complete and workable adoption of the application you’ve chosen. CRM can be a robust and powerful piece of software when it’s applied to its full capacity. The danger lies in neglecting its potential and allowing your CRM software to become an “over-glorified address book.”

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