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What is the most difficult part of running a company? We bet that in 2020, the toughest part is sales and marketing. In this ever-evolving space of digital content, what exceptional marketing can your company do that will capture your audience’s attention?

More than ever, the busy schedules of your targeted audience, make lead management and sales quite impossible without a sales automation software.

Honestly, there are a bunch of options for sales and marketing software for companies to choose from out there in the market. But when it specifically comes to meeting your organizational needs, what are the features you should be looking for? The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to serving your clients.

Still, the basics hold the truth for all businesses. Whether you have just started in this field or are a well-established brand, there are some common features of sales and marketing solutions that you will be looking for.

Basic sales and marketing software features include:

  • Customer Relationship Management and sales pipeline tracking
  • Email design and campaign scheduling
  • Workflow Automation
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Content management and marketing

Let’s go through them in detail:

Customer Relationship Management:

soffront - sales and marketing software

From each phone call that your sales representative makes to follow-up email or the message your marketer sends, every step is crucial to converting your prospects into a successful leader. Definitely, it is a crucial part of Customer Relationship Management. But with such a huge targeted audience, keeping a track on each of your customer’s sales funnel is no cakewalk. When was the last time you contacted Lead ‘X’? What is the next step in the follow-up?

Most of the time, managing details like these without proper sales and marketing software becomes really challenging. But with the right CRM software in place, your sales and marketing team can record and track every interaction with your customers. CRM installation itself has grown to 113% in 2016 and 64% of sales professionals reporting the usage of CRM platforms in 2018.

E-mail marketing solutions:

soffront - sales and marketing software

No hang on, e-mail marketing isn’t dead. It still is very much relevant in 2020 and the right software will save a lot of your time that you can use for other high-value tasks. E-mail marketing automation platforms can provide hundreds of pre-designed mail templates, A/B testing for your emails, and generate dynamic content to make your clients satisfied. So many years have gone by, and email is still one of the high returns marketing channels, producing almost $38 in ROI for every $1 spent. This software can help you segment your leads and nurture them to conversions.

Automating the repetitive sales and marketing tasks:

soffront - sales and marketing software

Your team might be gradually growing but so is your customer base. Do you think each of your team members can provide personalized experiences relevant to every customer? What can you do to make your clients feel special without putting extra efforts? The main aim of sales and marketing software is to help your company keep track of unidentified traffic to your website, divert them towards the purchasing decision with an automated, customized and streamlined channels such as SMS, email and much more.

Features like:

  • Instant sales reporting
  • Smart lead generation
  • Streamlined lead management comes to rescue when you are loaded with tons of customer data.

Analytics and Data visualization solutions:

soffront - sales and marketing software4

At the core of every marketing solution ecosystem lies a powerful reporting and analytics tool.  How do you measure the success of your campaigns? How do you know the craze and talk your brand’s marketing is creating among your audience? Are you attracting enough attention in the market?

Without being able to measure the results that your marketing efforts are creating, you will never be able to find out whether your campaigns are cool enough. It is no coincidence that the usual ability to measure the ROI of marketing campaigns is the X factor that differentiates you from the top-notch marketers. This feature also allows your sales representatives to visualize the effectiveness of sales campaigns through a graphic-rich insight by filtering data such as lead generation, pipeline, and conversions.

Sales intelligence and sales prospecting:

soffront - sales and marketing software

Sales and marketing software provides you with all the contextual information surrounding your leads, such as purchase history, business objectives, digital footprints so that your sales agents exactly know who they should be engaging with, about what and how to reach them.

It comes with features like:

  • Activity tracking
  • Call recording
  • Contact database and history

Why your company needs these features handy?

soffront - sales and marketing software

Lost opportunities

Humans aren’t perfect and so is not your sales and marketing team. Do you expect them to remember every interaction, deadline, appointments with your potential customer without a proper software? With the help of sales and marketing software, you can squeeze every bit of efficiency out of your customer’s sales funnel which enhances the level of customer engagement. Also, it allows your sales agent to focus their time and attention on generating more leads.

Lack of forecasting and Intelligence:

You will have to go beyond your capabilities to tackle the problems that are occurring in your sales process. This software allows you as a business owner to make intelligent decisions on resource allocation, marketing budget, targeting audience, segmenting them, nurturing them, and much more.

Huge time saver:

Just imagine going to your workplace every morning with a fresh mindset and diving into a schedule of repetitive, low-value tasks and not utilizing your team’s productivity to the maximum. Doesn’t’ sound great? Sales and marketing software come to your rescue. Set your mundane tasks and forget them.

Get the big picture

This software is of great help when you want to know the overall performance of your company and design strategies to improve them.

Think no more! It’s time to boost your brand reputation in the market with the help of sales and marketing software. Visit our website today www.soffrontcrm.com and tell us what you need us to do for you!

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