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Have your sales left you feeling overburdened and stressed out? When you began, everything seemed so simple, now as there are hundreds of potential customers and work to manage. Does it all seem messed up to you?

The world of sales is running at such a super-fast pace, that no one can keep track of it. On top of that, one thing is for certain, that if you’re still relying on the methods you have been using for a few years, you’re likely going to be left behind your competitors.

But you needn’t worry! We’re consistently searching for ways to take care of all your repetitive tasks in sales so that you can focus on what you can do best.

Yes, the solution to your needs is a sales automation software. It is a perfect answer to all your selling woes. Before we go deep into the myriad benefits of the software, let’s have quick look at the bottom-line features of sales automation:

  • Increased productivity and performance of the sales team
  • Boosts your work efficiency
  • Enhances the accuracy and hastens your process of sales
  • Helps to ensure that your sales prospects don’t fall through the cracks
  • Streamlines all your sales and marketing tasks
  • Keeps all your sales report consistent across your organization

Your department’s sales needs are an essential asset. Once you’ve developed it, you need to have an iterative process for everyone to follow it. Sales automation software doesn’t only make your sales operation more solid but also helps to streamline the quality of certain works while freeing up ample time for you to spend with lead nurturing and conversion.

Enriched lead generation

soffront - Sales Automation Software

Are you continuously running to find the same leads on LinkedIn? There’s a much better way to find and generate your leads. Use the sales automation software that is integrated with your email to automatically keep you notified of the pre-qualified leads regularly without any need to lift your finger.

The use of the tool inside a sales automation will also free up a lot of time. Also, it helps to pull out the important prospect’s details from the CRM database, social media, so that you can check everything at a glance while sending an email. With that in your hand, now you no more need to open up a trillion of tabs just to search for your leads and convert them.

Easy email reporting

soffront - Sales Automation Software

If you’re leading a sales team, you might be spending a day to just manually create reports and then attaching them to emails. You can do it in a much easier way by keeping your team motivated and informed. Just use your sales automation software to create automated email reports and send a daily stack to your sales team.

Fast identification of sales-ready leads

soffront - sales automation software

Do you want to keep your sales rep stay focused on the best opportunities? Then there is no better software than an automated lead scoring system that comes with an SFA. A lead scoring system can do a lot more than it’s expected to do. It can deliver you with automated, granulated control over your whole sales lifecycle while providing you with the power to make your customer happy.

That’s possible because the lead scoring system utilizes demographic and behavioral data to determine qualified leads. Such that, your sales team can exactly prioritize which prospect to count on.

Saves time and effort

soffront - sales automation software

If you’re still adding new contacts to your CRM manually, then you’re simply wasting your valuable time. And since sales are the pillars of any business, you can’t overlook the sales part.  Sales automation software makes all this easy for you. It helps you to manage all your CRM needs including tracking of customer contact details, event records, historical communication, and account conversation right at your fingertips.

The most significant part of the software is that all data is effortlessly available within the SFA framework, as long as you need to use it. So, you don’t have the risk of missing out on any ongoing transactions such as quotation, progress, tracking teams, and more.

Deal management and transaction

soffront - sales automation software

Going back and forth between spreadsheets and logging the deal status can be the worst challenge for you. That’s a prime reason why you need to have a sales automation software, like Soffront. It will do the heavy lifting for you so that you can smoothly deal with every piece of communication starting from email to call, all of them automatically recorded to your system.

You’re probably in need of something more because automating deal-related benefits doesn’t end here. If you’re looking for a tool that will record your calls, keep a track of your meetings and emails for you, here’s it. Using an SFA, you can create customized campaigns in just a few clicks, monitor all your customer engagement progress. Now that all your developments are ready to get notified instantly, find an expert to get competitive, and manage all your deals on the go.

Increased ROI and revenue

soffront - sales automation software

A manual sales process may leave a lot of room for errors. This is because most of the tasks are repetitive, and your sales reps are more likely to make errors thereby reducing the efficiency of your business. Do you want to happen? Of course not!

One of the best ways to get rid of this problem is to simply automate the entire sales process and allow your sales rep to focus more on your customers. This can be done by an SFA. Using sales automation software, you can easily lower the number of your mundane tasks. This paves the path for your team to be streamlined in an efficient way. The sales process system can offer you accurate sales forecasts based on future opportunities, latest trends, and quotes. This would enable you to easily predict your business in the long run, so that you could improve your sales and increase your revenue.

Get set and go

With all the sales automation tasks sorted, you can now accomplish more than you’ve imagined. So, before you have a second, just implement this software and let the results do the speaking for it.

To know more about what sales automation can do, to boost your business don’t hesitate to reach us at www.soffrontcrm.com.

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