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As your business is growing, at some point you’ll surely find the need of having a custom CRM software development. In this article, we will help you to find out the features that need to be added to the development of custom CRM software. Also, it will give you an outline of the features that must include satisfying the needs of your business, and the way to get it done by the best developers. 

Why do you need custom CRM development?

Regardless of how typical your business may seem, in terms of its operation, and inner processes may be unique. That’s why it be difficult to find a CRM software that works well for all. Let’s start from the beginning. 

Both custom- and ready-made CRM software market is estimated to reach $35 billion by the year 2023. At the same time, only 47% of the business is using ready-made CRM while most of the business is in favour of custom CRM and they remain highly satisfied. 

So, if you are looking for a custom CRM software development for your business, we have enlisted some clear features for your need in the development of custom CRM. 

You must have particular integrations

A ready-made CRM system integrates with popular social networking and email platform, but it doesn’t offer any guarantee that you can work with your inner database or custom online call through it. Since multi-device becomes the most important part, it must have features through which users can access, edit and add new information from any location through any device. A custom CRM software development provides those functionalities like generating reports on any device, from any location. Not just have it comes with other specific integrations as well:

  • Third-party integrations: If you use a third-party application such as Google analytics you can easily integrate them into your custom CRM system. This will help you to provide faster and smoother results. 

  • Storage of files: Storing and sharing option enables you to store all files in a unified place and helps you to share them with different departments. 

  • Custom Reports: Having a custom CRM software development you can generate custom filtered reports to get insights that are necessary for your particular business processes. 

  • Sales forecasting: With these features, you can easily forecast sales based on significant deals. At the same time, this will help you to better understand your performance of your sales team and let you be prepared for the worst scenarios. 

This is the added features the custom CRM development must give you. 

Make sure you don’t spend much time and money on the feature that you don’t need

A ready-made CRM system vendor doesn’t have a lot of service plans, as they aim various types of businesses, classifying them based on sizes and operating areas. Owing to such an approach they offer a range of features, that may not be necessary for you. In the end, your managers may lose time finding fields in the pool of useless features. While using a custom CRM software development allows you to customise your own application at an affordable price, where you have to pay just for the features you need. So, if you for a custom CRM software, surely you get an added feature of making a one-time investment. 

Your business must have an identity

The way you develop a CRM reflects your business identity. Ready-made CRM software is nothing but a template. You cannot customise it’s UX or UI design the way you want it, while your HR branding may fail. At the same time, your managers may have problems using the CRM options that are developed in favour of the convenience, but not meant for the need of every user. But having a custom CRM software development, your business gets a new identity. Customers get to easily connect with your brand. Also, the main benefit that comes with custom CRM is that you can tailor and customise the design just the way you want. 

Should provide improved business productivity

A rightly developed custom CRM software can help you scale your business and take it to a new level. For example, you can develop additional CRM applications for your team using a single database. You have the option to modify it and improvise the productivity of a business by effectively utilising the software. 

Manage your business Like never Before

Do you have any Custom CRM development in your mind, then Soffront is your best assistance in getting you through the challenging part of software development? Trust our experienced team of experts and let us help you scale your business like never before. Get in touch with us for a free consultation today, or visit our website for a better understanding. 

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