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With Google processing over 40,000 searches, every second and Facebook being a hub for 1.13 billion daily active users, Google AdWords and Facebook ads are obvious choices for PPC campaigns.  Together, these companies account for 85 percent of every dollar spent on online ads.

The question is which one of these deserves your time and money? Should you focus on one of them or both?

Both completely unique, different, similar and extremely effective at the same time.

Whether you are focusing your efforts on Google or Facebook, both platforms give you immediate access to hundreds of millions of users, while also having the tools in place to make your marketing and demographic targeting easier than ever.

Google has established itself as the most popular site and search engine in the world. By doing so, they have what seems to be an endless supply of people searching through their database every second of every day. Along with these searches, Google is cashing in like crazy. With more than the majority of screen space now being taken over by paid advertisements, advertising through the search results with Google has not only become an effective way to drive customers — but now also a necessity.

On the flip side, we have Facebook, which throughout the years has quickly found itself as the most addictive social network in the world today. While people aren’t actively searching for content and resources through Facebook, each user does offer up a ton of demographics and data, which makes it extremely easy for marketers to fully optimize and target their ad campaigns.

Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads — Is there a Winner?

  • There are currently over 3 billion users on the internet today. Targeting them through Google and Facebook are two of the most effective ways. Looking at the Facebook Ads platform, we can see that they currently have over 1.28 billion monthly active users, resulting in over a trillion page views per month. Just through Facebook marketing alone, your potential internet reach is nearly at 50 percent.
  • When creating an ad campaign through Google, you have the ability to sort and track your audience based on geographic location, personal demographics (age, gender), keyword targeting, language, device, (desktop, mobile) and more. When using Facebook for ad campaign creation, it’s all about harnessing the power of demographic target, which includes: location, behaviors, user demographics, interests, and custom audiences.
  • Both Facebook and Google are optimized for full mobile advertising. Facebook has ads for IOS and Andriod while also having 21.7 percent of their ad revenue coming from mobile usage. Google allows you to allocate your budget and proportion is based on desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Google’s mobile revenue is in the 46 percent range.

So Who Is the Winner?

The clear choice is which makes sense for your business.  In our eyes, both companies are clear winners; however, it also comes down to exactly what you want to get out of your advertising. Google Ads is best for immediate sales while Facebook is perfect for brands that want to focus on fans/followers and lead generation.

If you need help determining which is best for your business, feel free to reach out to Soffront or contact me directly  through the comments section.  Good luck!




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