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In this competitive business era, acquiring quality leads to an organization that is a strenuous task. From the context of the B2B lead generation process, email marketing automation software is an effective and substantial solution to procure potential leads for result-oriented campaigns.

Effective Features of Email Marketing Software

Manage Challenges through Automated Email Solution

For any layman, email marketing might seem to be a piece of cake. Though, in actual situations, it consists of intricate advertising communications targeted to prospective clients. Moreover, it also includes primary emails and follow-up correspondences, which can multiply based on the intricacies of the lead acquisition process. Therefore, for optimal lead generation procedures, it is necessary to enhance both the quality and quantity of leads. Besides, the digital marketer can also blend the acquired results with other social media platforms, like embedding a sign-up form on the Facebook fan page including an email newsletter being sent to the client. This will be impressive to boost the company’s product or service in the prospective clients’ minds. Thus, this might prove to be an effective email marketing strategy to reach the probable customers.

Cost Control and an Increase in ROI

Implementing email marketing automation software might prove to be a costly proposition for most organizations. Therefore, big firms implementing these expensive automated solutions must strategize and incorporate methods to generate a substantial return on investment. However, it is quite evident that these automated solutions are tailored to yield optimal performance level of obtaining potential leads, quality-wise and as well as quantity-wise.

Lead Scoring Makes Way to Lead Generation

With the help of an email marketing automation software tool, online marketers can spontaneously promote diverse advertising campaigns with accurate timing and relevant content that corresponds with the prospective customer’s needs and interests. Besides, one can also segment the potential leads by high quality and buying phase. The leads are scored by the automated software based on their involvement in the campaign. Moreover, a customer gets a point or a score, when he requests for downloading a report. Again, when a price sheet is downloaded, the lead gets a higher point. Then, statistical analysis to understand the trend of the lead is ascertained, and the lead is given the due significance in the lead generation process.

Email Marketing Automation Software Steps: Applied for a Campaign

  • The prospective customers register and download a free report.
  • The specific customer’s demographics and the concerned industry are scrutinized via the downloaded report or form.
  • Then, after the download, a follow-up complimentary thanks note is emailed to introduce the sales representative.
  • A chain of emails, including case studies of similar kinds of demographics, is sent to the specific prospective client over some time.
  • Now, if the lead takes initiative to correspond to other mails, so he will be assumed as the potential target audience who is ready for the sales.
  • Lastly, a message is sent to ask the concerned salespersons to follow-up to the possible customer through a personal visit.

Email Marketing Automation Software: Some Examples


This is one of the most popular automated email solutions of promptly finding someone’s email for free. One can find the email addresses based upon a website’s domain, and also seek for a specific email with a name mixed with a domain. Again, email ids can be validated which are already present in Hunter’s directory. Moreover, the email marketing automation software helps by offering cold email templates and also configures an entire campaign in a short time.


In the email marketing automation software industry, this is a new solution with unique features like the “Opti-Send technology”, wherein customers who could not open their first email are automatically re-forwarded campaigns, which can be regarded as a best practice in this email marketing domain.

Thus, with an extensive assortment of lead generating automated solutions available in the market to attract the best possible leads, businesses possess maximum options for choosing to automate the whole or a part of the process.

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