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Businesses can leverage CRM (customer relationship management) software to maximize their time by marketing to contacts, nurturing leads into hot prospects, and keeping in touch with clients. Using CRM software means you can do these things automatically. Here are 4 best practices successful business use to increase their profit.

1)      Scan business cards on your phone for automatic input into your contact & prospecting (CRM) database. How often do you collect business cards from BNI meetings or network events just to tie a rubber band around them, call once or twice and discard into a desk drawer? Instead use CRM software that makes automatic solicitation as easy as taking a selfie!

2)      Capture the contact details of your website visitors as they input their data directly into your CRM database which in turn automatically emails them your best solicitation material. Watch your leads grow exponentially by offering a service, product or information that the visitor wants, have your CRM create what’s called a “squeeze page” which will allow access to that material after the prospect inputs their contact info on your website page.

3)      Nurture your leads to grow TOMA –Top of Mind Awareness, which will put you into position to sell when they are ready to buy. Most leads aren’t ready to buy right away. Studies have shown that most of us think about buying a product or service long before we actually purchase it. To ensure you are on the prospects mind when they are ready to buy you need to be constantly reinforcing your brand. One of the ways, if not the best, to do this is to setup an email touch campaign where automatic emails are periodically touching the client educating them with your products and services and making certain they will recall your brand name.

4)      Don’t let your sales process be whimsical, follow a process that works the best! CRM software can help you with high conversions by following a doctrine of self-imposed best practices. CRM software will facilitate best practices you’ve found to lead to highest conversions into your sales process. Setting up the sales process and tweaking it as needed should be very process oriented. Once the process is defined CRM would guide you through the process with reminders and accountability.

For a more in depth on how you can use CRM software to connect with clients read part 2 of this series. In part 2 I will explain the enormous time saving benefits of using CRM software to collaborate, share data and diagnose processes.

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