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We all want to be happy and stay happy.  Whether its finding a magical way to balance our social and work life or simply trying to find happiness at work, it remains an elusive ideal for many of us.   Happiness can be the biggest motivator and a common topic of discussion at the water cooler.

Here are six simple tips which will help you stay happy, keep you calm, and be successful:

  1. Know your role- Clear knowledge of your deliverable and expectations is paramount.  Strive to fill in your role and then try to work for something that you want to build your expertise on.
  2. Focus on your goal- If you know what to aim for, you will know how to get it done as well. Having straight written goals prevents you from deviating from the task at hand.
  3. Have a social life- Have hobbies and a social life outside of your work.  The work stress melts away if you have other passions to immerse yourself in. Then at work, you can stay refreshed.  Don’t linger on the stresses of yesterday or tomorrow.
  4. Get a mentor- Find someone who understands you, your goals, has the same background as you, and has found success in their career. Having someone to guide you can make you understand how to navigate through office politics or your career smoothly.
  5. Organize- Don’t juggle with too many things at a time.  Keep your work space clean and inspiring. Find out the time when you are most creative and productive, and then keep the work that needs the most attention during that time span.
  6. Plan your project- It’s said that 37 % of projects fail annually. Plan it well and use project management software. It’s always better than keeping it all on unending spreadsheets. A software that allows you track the plan, resources, billing, changes and all in an automated pace will work wonders for you and your sanity.
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