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Tip #1: Quality vs. Quantity

You are better off publishing one social media campaign of high quality content vs. having numerous publications of low value content. The time and energy spent during the week researching, writing and editing one high quality piece will create greater value to the recipients. Use your CRM to publish that social media campaign. The audience, in turn, will want to read, talk, share it or act in alignment with the content. On the other hand, if inundated with numerous publications, your audience will check-out. This is a very fine line to walk. You need to find that delicate balance. If you supply too little, then you lose your audience slowly. If you supply too much, then you will have morphed into a boring history lecture on a sunny afternoon.

Tip #2: Pay Attention

After you have distributed your content, listen and pay attention to what the recipients are saying. Look at their reactions throughout the week. Take an interest in what they’re saying because you will see clues and data about what drives them, how engaged they are, and how you can modify your next social media content to increase your relevance to your target audience. If they send you a message on Twitter, then respond to them. If you get a question on Facebook, then post back to answer their question. Make sure somebody is actively monitoring the social media outlets. This will help you generate more leads. If you’re not using a CRM or marketing automation tool, then make sure you have some type of contact management software to assign this task to somebody.

Tip #3: Use Meaningful Stats

Statistics increase your credibility and the credibility of what you’re writing. Statistics will make your audience view you as a subject matter expert, and therefore increase attention to you. Thus, as you spend the week researching your social media content, make certain to include stats. Stats can come from polls you have administered, other studies, or from web tools (make sure to acknowledge your source!). Even if you use other people’s information, stats will still support your credibility. It’s the quickest way to gain trust from your audience. People love statistics because it’s all encompassing and keeps the reading to a minimum. Post some great stats from your CRM software if you can.

Tip #4: Be Responsive

Once your piece is published, then what? It is imperative you tend to your audience, and acknowledge what they are saying throughout the week. A little yes/no goes such a long way. Answer questions, be playful with them, but keep it professional. You still have to remember it’s the internet and more prospective clients can view your posts. Your followers will know that you are there and are listening. Nobody wants to talk to a wall. Being non-responsive is a sure way to lose your audience over time. You don’t want to find yourself talking to an empty room, so make sure they know what you have to say is important to them!

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