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Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

Landing Page is defined as a page on a website that a user would arrive or “land” on from clicking a hyperlink.

In digital marketing, a landing page is typically a standalone page that displays a product or depiction of a service. Links to the landing page may consist of a page listing on a search engine, product or other images.

On the landing page, potential customers read the product or service features and specifications, see different views and angles of the item and can absorb customer ratings and reviews. The landing page will indicate the availability of the item online or in the store, the location and hours of the store.

Landing pages take many forms in addition to the product or service variety. For example, co-brand and affiliate pages display “partners” or affiliates of a company. Automated landing pages are generated from a specific AdWords or other searchable keywords. Merchants can target a customer’s specific needs, wants and interests through a personalized landing page. Marketers can optimize landing pages for viewing on tablets and smartphones.

While any page reached via a click could, strictly speaking, be deemed a “landing page,” a substantive landing page will invite the customer or viewer to take some action – or a conversion. Depending on the landing page content, a marketer may request that the visitor subscribe to a newsletter or further posts; fill out a contact form for further information or to set an appointment; order the product or service or visit the store.

Most landing pages have some type of lead generation form to gather user data and email addresses. This data can be funneled in to a CRM with marketing automation functionality where the lead can then be nurtured through a variety of Drip campaigns that send a steady stream of tailored email messages that help bring the potential customer further down the sales funnel.

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