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Knowledge Base

What is a Knowledge Base in Customer Relationship Management?

Knowledge Base can be defined as a repository or storage of information about a business’s products and services. The knowledge base contains reference materials, How-To guides, specifications, use cases, and much more.

Businesses – with the aid of CRM software – can fill knowledge bases with information about using a product or services, troubleshooting and solving glitches or problems, necessary downloads or updates to applications and drivers to hardware such as printers that connect to a computer. Knowledge bases provided, in addition to customer support, assistance for employees to use the CRM system, follow-up on purchases, service calls and customer support request; and a platform to train employees.

A knowledge base is intended to reduce the number of customer support calls and time spent on such calls, prevent redundant and unnecessary actions and questions, and minimize the escalation of customer and other disputes. A knowledge base is also a useful resource for Customer Support Representatives to point users to when troubleshooting an issue.

A perfect example of a Knowledge Base can be found here.