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aaaThere is nothing more irritating then when you get stuck on something. You try what seems like 20 different things, and nothing works. You want to start pulling your hair out and banging on the desk. You try and the help menu, but you discover that the help center isn’t all that helpful. Have you ever looked at the help window in any Microsoft product? It’s incredibly unhelpful! What are they talking about? I know I’m reading English because I recognize the words. However, the formation of the words means absolutely nothing to me. It’s either that or the topics in the help center have nothing to do with your problem.

We here at Soffront pride ourselves in making sure you have all the information that is needed to make any project possible. There is a very comprehensive self-help center. We have documentation on almost any feature you can think of. We also have videos on just about anything you could ask for.


There are some really short ones that can show you something as small as previewing a sales template:


Or maybe you need something to show you how to access your campaign results:


Or maybe you need a walkthrough on how do something more in depth, like how to setup a workflow:

We’re even working on getting some animations in for some of the simpler tasks to save you even more time. We want out help center to be, well, helpful. It’s crazy, right? I hope you’ve found this blog… helpful.

Image source: CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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