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Are you working 60+ hours a week?  Is it because you love to work or because your business demands it?

Many Imagepeople pride themselves on putting in long hours at work.  It gives them a feeling of productivity, making them feel like significant contributors to a greater cause, and giving them satisfaction, happiness, and a feeling of self-worth.

Are all those hours really productive, though?  If you track the hours you spend actually working every day, you would be surprised to know that much of your time is spent thinking about your next task, tonight’s dinner, or how you’re going to get to your kid’s soccer game.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to find a solution to increase your effectiveness and efficiency at work so you could go home for dinner at a descent time?

Try replacing those long, unproductive hours with a CRM that defines processes and allows you to share information easily.  You can keep to-do lists, activities with reminders, and notes which encourage immediate action.  You can assign tasks to team members easily, automate work based on assignment rules, and be notified when changes happen.

By incorporating a few simple steps, you can easily increase your productivity.

Here are 10 steps to help manage your time better:

  • Define your work and your deliverables
  • Define your team and their roles
  • Get the right CRM module for the team
  • Automate as much as possible
  • Use dashboards to get an overview and drill down to the micro-details when required
  • Share required information with your team
  • Create reports with the click of a button
  • Export or import data as needed
  • Customize the CRM for your convenience
  • Get easy access to support for your implementation problems

So if you have successfully implemented your social media campaign, found your leads, and need conversions to happen, it’s time to focus on marketing automation and reap the benefit.

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