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Email Marketing Cheatsheet

#1 Determine Sending Strategy: Broadcast, Nurture, or Autoreply

Broadcast =perfect for mass communication, use for direct sales focused on 1 topic only.

Nurture aka Drip email =perfect for feeding audience content which will keep your brand top of mind

Autoreply =perfect for initial lead capture direct sales opportunity. Offer your steepest sale at a time when your lead engagement is highest.

#2 Subject Line

50 characters of less = “This is an experience of a fifty character subject”. A study of 200 million emails conducted by a large email service provider found that subject lines with 29 to 38 characters had the highest click rates.

Avoid using all CAPS. Avoid using “Free” which hits spam filters.

Do use specific quantity values.  Do giveaways. Do offer special invites.

#3 Personalization  for 600% greater lift.

An Experian Email study in 2013 found that personalized promotional emails were shown to lift transaction rates and revenue per email six times higher than non-personalized emails. This is a breeze when your CRM & Email Marketing share the same database like Soffront Online CRM.

#4 Call to Action

Make it clear.  Put it above the fold. Put one in your signature line so you never forget & keep it short.

Your call to action doesn’t always have to be about direct sales, there are many ways to get value. Here are 7 example specific call to actions; Ask for Direct sale. Offer Discount. Membership program. Referral solicitation.  Social Share. Rebundled services. Limited time offer.

#5 Engagement Rules

If your email marketing platform has advanced capabilities, like Soffront Online CRM, then you can set up particular rules for your email marketing so that when a lead engages with a click they are automatically tagged and placed into a particular workflow stage. This is where it’s nice to have your CRM and Email marketing tie in together.

#6 Be Visual

Use free picture sites like freepik.com or http://picjumbo.com/ or another graphical search engine to make sure you always have a great looking image in your email.

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